Begin your journey with “Untraveled Routes”

‘Because all journeys have secret destinations of which traveler is unaware’- Buber

Journeys are meant to stay with you forever; to inspire, to discover, to enlighten and set free; they make memories and give you moments to relish for life. Travel is not limited to the places you visit but the experiences you create, lives you touch and the depth you discover.

Your travel experience is unique because it’s yours 🙂

We are Ashish and Charu and our philosophy is ‘Life is about what you make of it’. Make every second count as the time won’t last but your life well led will !!!

We have been traveling and exploring the world around us from every perspective that helps us understand it better. We love everything about travel, photography, music, adventure, culture and much more. Our focus is to highlight the travel treasures in India with fresh perspective.

So, you will find loads of assorted personal travel stories here focusing on diverse elements. And if you wish to know more about us do hit the ‘Our Journey‘ section.

Untraveled Routes signifies our avant-garde ideas, discoveries, experiences creating every travel and crafting a life at large an odyssey to remember!!!

Let your journey roll with Untraveled Routes 🙂


Featured Stories

An Epic Road Trip to Spiti Valley     Different Hues of Dal Lake    The Blessed Waters of Renukaji

95 thoughts on “Begin your journey with “Untraveled Routes”

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  2. Wow! Thank You so much for visiting my blog and looking around. That was very sweet to wake up to! 🙂 And….wow! The pictures here are beyond beautiful. You have places here I’ve never heard of. I have swiftly bopped around Your site looking at the moment because I am running, but I will come back and spend time. Your introduction to Your blog is wonderful and Your words, “..Make every second count & worth dying for…” are a brilliant, smile forcing challenge!!! I’m sipping my first cup of coffee….and…YES! That was really great to read. Cheers to Both of You for spreading such beauty and positivity! I’ll be back!!! And YES! Travel is the BEST! 🙂

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