The Environment Friendly Search !!!

Let’s create Eco Search !!!

Well we all are pretty much aware that global warming, renewable sources, biofuels, carbon footprints, depleting forests & endangered species have gained critical importance in last few years & hence every responsible country, organization & individual is / are making an endeavor to reduce the negative repercussions of activities caused by humans.

“2.3 million square kilometers of forest cover lost between the years 2000 and 2012 according to NASA.”

We all have a concern for the environment but other priorities make this work less important & not urgent. I believe if we could contribute a bit while performing our routine tasks like “searching the internet” imagine gravity of positive change that will surface.

I found few very interesting websites which in some way or the other support conservation & sustainability.



The world’s first green search engine in the beginning of 2008 was launched by Swedish Ph.D. student Pedro Bentancour Garin. Treehoo uses half its profit to plant trees in developing countries. The friendly user interface & plethora of options make it an interesting visit. After Treehoo many others followed the suit.

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Have you planned your vacation yet ?

Check out these admired beach destinations !!!

Goa-beaches11) Butler Bay, Little Andaman
Located at a distance of 14kms from the Hut Bay Jetty, Butler Bay is the most surreal beach on Little Andaman. Indulge yourself in surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, game fishing, coral watching, sunbathing and bird watching. If you are a surfing enthusiast preferably carry your own equipment. The place has limited stay options so plan your trip well.
2) Radhanagar, Havelock Island
Situated 12kms from Havelock’s ferry pier, Radhanagar Beach has won accolade for being the ‘Asia’s best beach’ by TIME Magazine. Pristine tranquil waters, fine white sand and peace adore the beach. It houses sorts of water sports and some of the best dive centers of Andaman Islands.

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