The Environment Friendly Search !!!

Let’s create Eco Search !!!

Well we all are pretty much aware that global warming, renewable sources, biofuels, carbon footprints, depleting forests & endangered species have gained critical importance in last few years & hence every responsible country, organization & individual is / are making an endeavor to reduce the negative repercussions of activities caused by humans.

“2.3 million square kilometers of forest cover lost between the years 2000 and 2012 according to NASA.”

We all have a concern for the environment but other priorities make this work less important & not urgent. I believe if we could contribute a bit while performing our routine tasks like “searching the internet” imagine gravity of positive change that will surface.

I found few very interesting websites which in some way or the other support conservation & sustainability.



The world’s first green search engine in the beginning of 2008 was launched by Swedish Ph.D. student Pedro Bentancour Garin. Treehoo uses half its profit to plant trees in developing countries. The friendly user interface & plethora of options make it an interesting visit. After Treehoo many others followed the suit.



Ecosia is a web search engine founded in Wittenberg, Germany in 2009. Ecosia is powered by Bing and Yahoo!, and comes from Christian Kroll, the founder of several green search engines such as Forestle. It is a privately owned for-profit company that has pledged to donate at least 80% of their revenues to a rainforest protection program run by the WWF.

According to Ecosia, every search will save about 21 square feet (2.0 m2) of tropical forest.



EcoSearch was founded as a non-profit engine with a purpose of supporting our environment. For every search made with this green search engine, money is donated to charities which help the environment. Google shares a portion of its advertising revenue with partner companies, of which EcoSearch is one.

Till date, EcoSearch has donated money to Sierra Club, TreePeople, National Resource Defense Council, Heal the Bay, Rainforest Alliance, Healthy Child, Healthy World and the Remedee Foundation and are open to suggestions to as to other worthwhile causes that they could be supporting.

Carbon Neutral


The Carbon Neutral Search Engine was developed by fooke limited as a way to offset emissions generated by each search query from their website as a thank you for using our search engine. In addition to this it was also hoped that it would highlight the need to combat increasing emissions through energy saving, reforestation and renewable technologies so the environment will be protected for future generations. The site has estimated that search query emits approximately a fraction of a gram (may vary) so they offset each search query by a minimum of 300g via off setters Climate Care and Carbon Fund.

Climate Care is a leading offsetting organization in the United Kingdom and through investing in renewable technology, energy efficiency and reforestation has offset a total of 1m tonnes since they were founded in 1998. Carbon Fund is also a leading US non-profit carbon offsetting company, offsetting over 1m tonnes from 400 companies and 100 000 individuals.



Greenona serves all your green search needs. Greenona is a vertical search engine which focuses specifically on all things concerning the environment. It helps you to find the latest green resources on the web.

This search engine provides the green community with relevant and compelling results. The tag clouds are practical, as users can incorporate tags into their own searches for quicker results.

Good Search


We all have a cause we care about – whether it’s finding a cure for cancer, saving the environment, finding homes for abandoned pets or so many other worthwhile endeavors. With that thrust Good Search was born.  GoodSearch donates 50 percent of its sponsored search revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users.

There are few more interesting ones like which is a leading career services forum providing insight, orientation, and opportunities for the focused on clean technology, renewable energy and resource efficiency. Then there is which provides you with the latest news about eco-friendly gadgets that look after the environment in some way. You can find solar powered gadgets, wind powered gadgets and gadgets that have been made using eco-friendly principles.

Another quite thoughtful one is which caters to eco-friendly furniture home designs, ideas and reviews with eco-friendly improvement design ideas that are environmentally friendly for indoors and outdoors.

These are the chosen ones and I stumbled upon them while checking ranked list of all the best green websites on the Internet all the readers are welcome to contribute in the quest to find ways to conserve.

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