And the Sun went down the Hills…

That Sunset in Lonavla…..

We settled in New Delhi, India post wedding while my parents continued to stay in Mumbai. For me visiting my parents has always been an overwhelming experience. (Anyways In India, a girl’s visit to her parents home after marriage is more of a ceremonial event).

I’m emotionally extremely attached to ma & pa, after all have been sharing every little event and issues with them since childhood & they have been such staunch supporters throughout. I remember how I used to sob when I first started staying at the hostel.

This story is from those days when I had a small vacation in Mumbai after my wedding. I have stayed in Mumbai for over 8 years; I could never develop fondness for the city as it’s over crowded and rough on eyes, I mean everywhere you go, you will only find people, chawls, filth barring few areas (remember the movie – Slumdog Millionaire!!!) .

This was really a brief visit & hence we had to zero in on a location that had to be covered within a day. After extremely involving discussion spanning over at least an hour we decided to go for a long drive to Lonavla.

TP 028

Lonavla is insanely popular hill-station on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Due to heavy tourist influx, the town is commercialized and exploited too but nevertheless it is quite enticing too. Karla Caves, Duke’s Nose, Walwan Dam and Koregad Fort are worth exploring attractions. And ofcourse it’s known for ‘Chikki’ (sweet made from concoction of peanuts and jaggery). There are several different varieties available today to appeal to your taste buds – special chikkis are made out of cashews, almonds, and pistachios. And jaggery is the usual sweetener material but sugar is also used as the substitute in certain types of chikkis. Though my favorite is still the most basic form of Chikki.

The drive on the express highway is totally worth it. Above all, I enjoyed pure family time, I mean being able to discuss your raves and rants with the family is incomparable. In this long and unpredictable journey called Life, love and family keeps one going and the feeling of always having your loved ones around to share your success and failures alike keeps one alive & kicking.

It was a smooth drive; we clocked our destination – Sunset point in ~2.5 hrs. Breathtaking views of the quiet hills, the waterfalls and luxuriant greenery welcomes you.

There were tea stalls selling types of fried stuff along with masala tea (hugely popular beverage with Indians), aunty selling corn and other small retail shops selling over priced snacks.

TP 042From the edge, the whole valley looked tremendous, quite and charming.

The sun rays flickered past the hills as if playing hide & seek game. Watching the sun set gradually in the lap of valley amidst the hills was quite an unforgettable sight. And as the sun went down, it just left us yearning for more!!!

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