Traveling to the Hills ? Don’t let these ruin your Happy Time ……

Hills and Valleys in India enjoy the status of being quite popular vacation destinations throughout the year barring few months. Especially during the months of May and June, you will find people traveling to one or another hill station. Sure the hills provide the needed respite from heat and soothing break. Without a doubt you look forward to the most wonderful time with loved ones and friends and do not wish to ruin your happy mood because of trivial issues. So go on reading….

We have been to Shimla, Manali, Rishikesh, Dalhousie, Kashmir (covering all the places around them) and would like to share our experience highlighting what not to do!!!

You might really want to consider these –

  • Stay away from the Horse rides: Most of the places in and around these hill stations are full of bhaiyas offering horse rides claiming to take you to some Switzerland point for bizarre amount. These points are very well approachable on foot as well, infact you can enjoy the nature more while walking comfortably rather than sitting precariously on these horses. On few patches it is supremely risky to travel by horses. And you don’t want to spend without getting value.
  • Do not travel empty stomach: The route to most of the hill stations goes in circles with lot of twists and turns resulting in motion sickness or some uneasiness (may be not for all) and increased duration of travel (because your vehicle will not be able to cross particular speed). Most people develop some sickness and by the time you reach you are totally exhausted. It is advisable to eat healthy, carry mint chewing gum or medicine to help you out in extreme situations. Take a break every 1.30 to 2 hours, treat yourself with pure oxygen, take deep breaths, and stretch your muscles.

  • Binging on unhealthy food stuff: We swear by health is equivalent to wealth. You most likely will find maggi (which is now banned even if it wasn’t it still counted under unhealthy food item) and chai walas (tea vendors) on the locations. Sometimes you will find stalls of Indian burgers; chana chaat etc but there is no surety about the hygiene and quality. The point is just as you prefer bottled mineral water, do make a point to avoid eating unhealthy food stuff; you don’t want to fall sick on vacation. Preferably carry bread and butter / jam, biscuits, tetra pack juices, chocolates to keep hunger at bay and eat only at superior food joints.
  • Travel light: Always keep your stuff as minimum as to fit in your backpack. Do carry a pair of comfortable shoes and first aid but avoid unnecessary clutter in your bag
  • Littering the nature: Be responsible, do not leave the empty bottles, beer cans or throw packets / polythenes at these places. You are not just spoiling the beauty but contributing to disaster waiting to happen. Take care of Mother Nature to the maximum extent possible.
  • Travel during monsoons: Kindly avoid traveling during monsoons until you are looking forward to extreme adventure; the weather can play havoc at these places. We once got stuck at Manali for over 48 hours. The river started overflowing and covered the highway, we were stranded on road and there were no hotels around. We had to request one of the local families to give us shelter.

We’re sure these pointers will help; readers are most welcome to add on to the list 🙂

Another important thing while choosing vacation spot, try to go for less crowded and less exploited ones, for instance Shimla is one of those hill stations which has become extremely commercialized. You can pick Darjeeling or Dalhousie or Munnar instead. There are other myriad other unexplored stations just do some research before planning your trip.

11 thoughts on “Traveling to the Hills ? Don’t let these ruin your Happy Time ……

  1. Gosh yes! The heat does make you want to run away to the cooler places. I’m in the middle of some harsh weather as I write this and wish I could do just that. 🙂

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  2. Hi, I do not agree with the point of not travelling in Monsoons… but I guess it depends on the place and person…many people say Monsoon is a good time to travel to Goa and Kerala and you get cheap rates for hotles… and personelly I traveled in Monsoon time to BR Hills and Jog Falls I would not say could site see everything, but liked the forests the greenery and also its cool there to walk around in the rains(: just enjoy greenery, mountain views, wind and the cold(:… I completely avoid eating unhealthy in trasit even water content reduces… but you are speaking of difficult places to travel, not been doing that… I agree carry shoes and a good bagpack… another thing forks atleast I am a internet crazy person, and choose places that have wi-fi because I am obsessed with working somehow…but I think should refrain from technology and do nothing, just enjoy exploring and resting in the place(: try to let go of everything… your stress, work, boss etc..infact disconnect… always be safe…if it is a unknown place get some idea about the place and find out the best way to go(:… google can be tiring, but try ask the auto guy, shopkeeper, hotel fellows provably the barers and waiters more than the manager and receptionist… lots more points but try to be completely free(: Btw I like that introduction we travel not to eacape life but for life not to escape us, so apt…anyway goodday


  3. Few but very important pointers. I totally agree on ‘Not travelling empty stomach’ as the long journey becomes longer and tiring than joyful. Also if I might add, carrying some instant energy drink is a must as you never know when your blood sugar just might get low.
    Good post; keep going!


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