7 good reasons to try Homestays

Homestays are literally defined as ‘a holiday period spent staying in the home of a local family’. Homestays are becoming fairly popular, if you have already experienced it, that’s great just add on to the list; if you haven’t then you might wanna try at least once.

Staying at Homestays is a great idea. Here is why…..

  • Insights into a different world – It’s certainly a different experience as compared to typical hotel rooms. When you stay at a homestay you get to enjoy the home, spend time with the local family, and get accustomed to the local cuisine, culture and their way of life
  • Home cooked meals – So you get to stay with the local family and get home cooked food too!! And folks not just home cooked, it’s the local yummy cuisine which you won’t get to taste in restaurants
  • Never miss your home (well not a lot!!!) – The homelike settings will keep you warm and cozy

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Betaab Valley Flowers

Dazzling white flowers captured somewhere between Pahalgam and Betaab Valley near Srinagar, Kashmir. They categorize as white flowers for us, all of them seemingly similar but still different from each other just as we humans, we all are human beings but totally different person from one another