7 good reasons to try Homestays

Homestays are literally defined as ‘a holiday period spent staying in the home of a local family’. Homestays are becoming fairly popular, if you have already experienced it, that’s great just add on to the list; if you haven’t then you might wanna try at least once.

Staying at Homestays is a great idea. Here is why…..

  • Insights into a different world – It’s certainly a different experience as compared to typical hotel rooms. When you stay at a homestay you get to enjoy the home, spend time with the local family, and get accustomed to the local cuisine, culture and their way of life
  • Home cooked meals – So you get to stay with the local family and get home cooked food too!! And folks not just home cooked, it’s the local yummy cuisine which you won’t get to taste in restaurants
  • Never miss your home (well not a lot!!!) – The homelike settings will keep you warm and cozy

HS_Living Room

We stayed at this beautiful Homestay in Jaipur, glimpse of the drawing room is inviting, isn’t it?

  • Ample Space – Usually Homestays are not confined to a single room (unlike hotel), you get the whole house to enjoy, the living room, the dining area, kitchen, garden, porch etc

The spacious living room at our Jaipur homestay

  • Recipe for a great time – Now, if you are on a vacation with your family, friends, relatives then Homestays are a great idea as these provide you more rooms and you are staying under one roof with your whole gang

The dining area, during mealtime we all would just gather and grab our seats to savor the yummy Rajasthani home cooked food.

  • Cost effective – Homestays are generally reasonably priced, for the amenities provided, the cost is real value for money
  • Well connected – Homestays are located within the city and therefore very well connected. You can comfortably use public transport and save money 🙂
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5 thoughts on “7 good reasons to try Homestays

  1. Did a homestay trek in Spiti way back in 2007. It was an amazing experience. I so agree with you, homestays are delighful.

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  2. Good points there. That is the reason I prefer homestays. 🙂

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  3. We always prefer staying in home stays because we are fed up of hotel rooms. They are so boring.

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  4. We stayed in a homestay in coorg it was amazing … perfect if you are travelling in groups 🙂


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