Postcard from Mcleodganj


Intrigued by the legendary history of McLeodganj & spellbinding beauty of Himachal Pradesh, we (me and my soulmate) planned a trip to this town.

McLeodganj is also popularly known as the Little Lhasa in India, it’s the residence of HH Dalai Lama & majority of Tibetans.

Nestled in the lap of Dhauladhar Range (a branch of the southern outer Himalayas), McLeodganj is a village in the suburbs of Dharamshala, in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The legend says that village is named after its founder, Lord David McLeod, the English lieutenant governor of Punjab. McLeodganj’s population is a combination of local Indians, Nepalese, exile Tibetans and foreign expats.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Mcleodganj

  1. I have read a lot, hell lot about this place in novels and papers but I never actually even googled it and then I chanced upon your title and came here, the picture is just mesmerizing. Tiny homes situated on top of the mountain makes it even more thrilling….Definitely going there!

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    • That is a great observation Hemangini. Tiny homes are truly awesome, just wish could capture them more closely. So glad that you liked our work and I’m sure you will plan out your journey to this place soon. Let us know if you need any further help.

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