Sarahan – Peaceful abode of Goddess Bhimakali

Visit to Sarahan was part of our recent road trip to Spiti Valley. We did a road trip from New Delhi – Spiti – New Delhi in April 2016 with our 11 months old little love.We reached Sarahan on Day 3 of our memorable journey.

Sarahan has a surreal peaceful charm. Sarahan is a beautiful village , just 17 kms off the main road (from Jeori), adorned by impressive Bhimkali Temple that is 800 years old and gorgeous Shrikand peak viewsSarahanThe architecture of the temple is strikingly beautiful, with the Shrikhand Peak in background the place simply looks truly beautiful.


So serene so beautiful, Sarahan #SpitiRoadTrip #UntraveledKinnaur


Shrikhand Peak views at Sarahan #UntraveledKinnaur


Bhimakali Temple, Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh. If you wish to explore Kinnaur with Untraveled Routes, go ahead and drop us a word!!! Lets Travel Together 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Sarahan – Peaceful abode of Goddess Bhimakali

  1. Wow. It’s gorgeous. Love that HimLayan architecture.

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    • Hello!!! Thanks for the visit. Yeah the temple is lauded for its beautiful architecture. Since it’s nestled in Himalayas, it adds to the beauty…..


  2. What a lovely place is this! Stunning Pics!!

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  3. Its a beautiful place.
    Very well captured!

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  5. Beautiful photography. you are lucky to see such a place.

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