The road that leads to Spiti Valley (III)

This article is part of the series ‘The road that leads to Spiti Valley‘.

Finally! Spiti it is !!

I’m as much excited to write this post and share the captivating pictures with fellow travelers and readers. The best part about the ‘Road Trip to Spiti Valley‘ is that the surrounding views change in every few minutes leaving you with a feeling of surprise and appreciation for nature.

The 10 day long enduring road trip that we did to Spiti Valley seemed totally worth once we crossed Nako!!! From the Kinnaur route, one enters Spiti Valley via Sumdo.

Tabo Road.jpg

Heading to Tabo!!

The road is a bit rock strewn at intervals but mostly it’s a smooth ride. In April’16, lot of work was going on the roads till Tabo, I’m assuming by now the roads must be in perfect condition.

Road to Tabo.jpg

Wondering what to do in Tabo village, just check out ‘Totally Tabo -ed‘, a detailed post on visit to Tabo Village!!!

Road to Tabo1.jpg

Tabo, here we come!!!

Road to Dhankar

Road to Dhankar, Spiti. This route happens to be my favorite, the landscape views of ice capped mountains in combination with chocolate hills and Spiti River flowing by, so divine!!!

En route to Kaza.jpg

En route to Kaza 🙂

If you have beem following the blog, you already know where to find information about reaching Spiti Valley 🙂 In case, this is your first visit begin here – Reaching Spiti Valley.

Don’t miss out on critical information about Spiti here, also happens to be one of most popular posts in Spiti section – Things you must know, before you go!!!

Happy Traveling 🙂 Bring back loads of happy memories!!

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22 thoughts on “The road that leads to Spiti Valley (III)

  1. Breathtaking pictures..

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  2. Cezane & Michelle

    Great shots!!!! – Cezane

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  3. Love these shots – would it be possible to use one for a poem if I credit you for it?

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  4. dNambiar

    Very inviting landscapes!

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  5. Amazing photos ♥

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  6. I am yet to travel Spiti. These pictures are awesome.

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  7. Brilliant clicks!

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  8. Awesome pics

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  9. I loved your pics! Amazing scenery! And courageous to travel those roads with a baby!

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  11. Bipasha

    stunning photos!

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