Monsoon Memories – ‘Rain drops dash’

One of the most beautiful things about traveling in the monsoons, particularly going for a long drive, is witnessing the dancing rain drops against the windshield and windows.The rain drops always seem to be in a ready-for-race position. Some of them roll down faster, some of them merge with the other and few just blow away with the wind!! Have you never observed the drops on your window? I’m sure you have 🙂

When you slide down the window just a little to feel the fresh wind and soak in the wet fragrance the rains drops quietly make a way to touch your face 🙂

Sharing one of my favorites ‘Monsoon Memories’ here –

Rain drops.jpg

A view of my rain soaked window!!! Captured en-route to Manali, Himachal


A view right outside my window!! Luxurious green hills at Manali 🙂

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