A prelude to story on Key Monastery

Even the rocks exude beauty at eternal Spiti Valley. This was captured right before one enters ‘Key Monastery’. Key is touted as largest monastery in Spiti Valley and is located at an altitude of 4166 meters!!  The crazy wind makes your car wobble so much here. 

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10 thoughts on “A prelude to story on Key Monastery

  1. I guess the altitude leaves you breathless!

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    • It does!! In fact I stepped out of the car for a brief time… We did this trip with our 11 months old LO… So I stayed in the car with him mostly. Went to the Monastery though but no more exploring

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      • I think you are absolutely inspiring travelling to such fabulous places with your little one … such a gift you give to your child and such wonders you share with us!

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  2. hati03nisa


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  3. Beautiful! Wish I could do a trip like this. Nice to be sharing it with the ones you love. Enjoy!

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  4. loves this pic

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  5. I wonder what was used to decorate the stones so beautifully. Thank you 😊

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