Spiti, Revisited.

Spiti Valley Quotes 2017The road trip that I will never forget about, well for the good reasons but also for not so good ones. Reaching Spiti Valley is tough, the brutal journey might leave you exhausted but it’s all worth it!! The region exudes beauty, I could never get enough of the sightseeing and almost all the time I was peeking from the window (I vividly remember!!). Sharing a memory from our Spiti road trip…the beautiful landscape shot was captured while returning from Kibber Village. Hope you guys relish it 🙂

For further readings on Spiti –

The road trip from Delhi to Spiti and back!

Dhankar Heights !!This will make your heart go boom…

Totally Tabo-ed


Untraveled Routes


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13 thoughts on “Spiti, Revisited.

  1. Beyond beautiful

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  2. That shot is magical❄Travel is among the best of the best things in this universe, great✌👍😇

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  3. The voyages of discovery and self-discovery. Wonderful: and so important. “What is this life if, full of care, / we have no tine to stand and stare.” W. H. Davies. I’ll be back.

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  4. Speaking of roadtrips this reminds me of “Mission to Venice” by James Hadley Chase!
    Beautiful! 👌


  5. That picture is like a dream ! Beautiful 🙂

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  6. A spectacular place to see. Thanks for taking me there, and thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.

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  7. Stunning photograph!

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