Green shades of Srinagar,India!!

This week’s photo challenge is all about Green and honestly I have so many pictures of Nature, outdoors and all things Green that it was a little tough for me to make a choice but I still did 🙂

Pari Mahal 1

The gorgeous landscape from is a distant shot of Golf Course located in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir


The Lidder River flowing through strikingly beautiful Pahalgam, Kashmir

icici 140

From the Betaab Valley, a captivating shot of white flowers

It IS Easy Being Green!

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33 thoughts on “Green shades of Srinagar,India!!

  1. Wow, I m so jealous!😍😍😍This is so beautiful😇I wish I could come

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  2. awesome captures!

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  3. Bipasha



  4. Lovely shots. Was the first one shot from Pari Mahal?

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  5. Just wow… ❤
    Nature has always attracted me and your pictures are making me go and visit Srinagar 🙂

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  6. Absolutely loved the last pic! Superb work!

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  7. Thatz so lovely !!!!

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  9. A.K. Maleeke

    👍👍👍 Very nice Photos

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  10. My fourth daughter is called Demelza but we have always shortened it to Daisy because I love those little white flowers so much

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    • Demelza! Wow, that’s a lovely name. I’m glad you liked the picture, I love these little beauties too 🙂 🙂

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      • Thank you. Oddly all her friends call her Demelza whilst the older generation think it strange and stick with Daisy. Your pictures sing of natural delights which in turn will always delight me!

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  11. This is such a nice capture. Yes it seems to be so easy to find greens ^^

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  12. Osyth, humbled by your appreciation 🙂 glad our photos bring smile to your face.


  13. Such stunning pictures 😊

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  14. So many beautiful places…

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  15. These are breathtakingly beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  16. My wish is visit the other side of Kashmir. Saw loads of pictures on Internet.

    Hopefully when peace resume, than one day, both sides can walk and enjoy it.


  17. I have got a picture of the white flower just like yours 🙂

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