Surprises on the road in Himachal, India

Our fondness for backpacking has taken us on lots of road trips in past five years and maximum of them have been to some location in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is like assorted bouquet of exotic flowers, you just can't have enough and can't get over it, the more you explore, the hungrier you become 🙂 … Continue reading Surprises on the road in Himachal, India

Feeling ‘Dense’ in Rajasthan, India

The weekly photo challenge theme this week - 'Dense' is quite interesting. There could be so many interpretations and perspectives that can define 'Dense' from a photographer's lens. I decided to focus on elements that elucidate a particular region, hence sharing beautiful pictures from one of the favorite destinations - 'Rajasthan, India'. This is a … Continue reading Feeling ‘Dense’ in Rajasthan, India