The Artisan from Udaipur!!

The scorching heat of Rajasthan can drain you like anything!! We were so exhausted of the heat the other day that we made ourselves comfortable right outside the administrative office. I’m glad we did. 🙂

We couldn’t help but observe this talented painter. We met him right outside the City Palace where he was refurbishing the walls with new art. The most amazing fact is that he does the whole part in one go, the symmetry is flawless; RESPECT!!!

Udaipur Surprise.jpg

That is one intriguing capture, kudos to Ashish for creativity!!

More on Udaipur here – A day in Udaipur, The New You, Night Glory at Ambrai Ghat

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10 thoughts on “The Artisan from Udaipur!!

  1. Whoah. That painter is amazing!

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  2. He is certainly blessed with a beautiful talent 🙂

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  3. hati03nisa



  4. An underpaid / Less appreciated / Unknown / Silent Artist.

    Glad you posted it

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  5. Mandie Hines

    That painter did such a lovely job. Glad you there to take pictures of his work and share them.

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  6. That is incredible!!!!! 🙂

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  7. India’s cultural glory is unmatchable.

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  8. beautiful Paintings ! besides , here’s a little unconventional take on Udaipur or rather a brisk journey through Udaipur with some unlisted & interesting findings !

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