20 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom :)

  1. And of course the Dalaï Lama has it perfectly wrought. There is no need for anything but kindness and there is no need to complicate what we already have from birth. Namaste 🙏🏼

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    • So thoughtful of you! If only there were more minds to understand this simple mantra ☺️☺️ world would have been so much better! It’s makes me furious to see the terrible events that are happening including the recent one at Manchester! And ongoing cold war at Syria😕😕

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      • It should be so simple. Kindness. After all we all want to be treated with kindess so surely it follows that we should treat everyone else in the way that we wish to be treated. And if we all did that … no more war, no more vicious attacks. Peaceful coexisting. Simple. And yet it seems unatainable. I will never ever understand. 😦

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  2. He’s full of wise sayings, isn’t he? I read an article about “negotiating tips from the Dali Lama”, which included (as closely as I can remember) “Don’t let other people’s actions drive your response.” A good idea, if you summon it at the time!

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    • Oh yes! His sayings are full of wisdom🙏🙏and show a new way of living, the one that is mostly forgotten the one that ought to be☺️☺️ I love the one you have mentioned… Your response needs to be driven from your thoughts and not others actions 👍👍


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