Thoughtful Tuesday.

The beauty of Travel !♥

You visit a place and come back to routine life but your heart yearns… for more moments, more memories, more nature walks, may be more pictures too 🙂 You Travel once to particular destination and the experience alters you forever. So, physically you are not traveling though but your brain is!! As they say, ‘ Once a Traveler, Always a Traveler’.

Some destinations are so beautifully blessed that the sights find a special place in your heart and every time a discussion comes up about that place, your eyes sparkle and a positive smile runs across uninhibited.

Today, I’m sharing few of my favorites – pictures as well as quotes, made me introspect , retrospect and HAPPY!!



Udaipur Tree Quote

All of these were clicked at Udaipur.

Udaipur city stands as a testimony to the living heritage and eternal legacy of the Sisodiya dynasty. Sisodiyas ruled the city for over 1200 years. The origin of Udaipur dates back to 1559 A.D when Maharana Udai Singh met a sage who blessed the Maharana and advised him to build a palace at this favorably located spot.

Udaipur is a visual treat, it’s shimmering lakes against the backdrop of Aravali Hills, formidable palaces, enticing structures,  fascinating ambience makes the city a captivating destination for domestic as well as international tourists.

Happy Exploring 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday.

  1. Thank you for a post that makes me reflect on what is important in life! I like your quote from Henry Miller. It can equally applied to the art of photography, whose main purpose is to see things in a totally new way.

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  2. Travelers at heart, we are. Some visual and quote treat, indeed. 🙂

    PS: If you link your gravatar to your address (‘Untraveledroutes’), people would be able to trace your blog from your ‘likes’. Just a thought. Cheers!

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  3. Woah!!loved it like hell! Its so damn amazing! 💯💯💯😇Pls visit my blog too there are some motivations and things that our relatable to our lifes. But all over your blog is damnnnnnn!!!!!


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