Oh Dear! This is India.

A series of flagrant pictures that depicts ‘India’ as it is – seizing the audacious and unabashed moments from the vibrant streets of India. I’m glad to share the first one here

Religion India

The veil of Religion! Apologize for the low resolution, this one was clicked from a mobile phone, it was so crowded that holding the camera was super risky!

People here are ardent followers of ‘Gods’ and their dedication includes all kinds of prayers, fasting, and what not!

This one was captured in the early hours (before 5.00 am) in a part of Indore city, it’s a custom to arrange a rally of Sirdi Sai Baba (as seen in the background) once in a year. The rally begins around 4.00 am and continues for 3 – 4 hrs.

Hope you enjoy the series.


37 thoughts on “Oh Dear! This is India.

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  2. We lived for about five weeks in Pushkar, India on the sacred lake. It was an experience like no other. This photo brings back such heartwarming memories. I am excited to continue our discovery of India, as we are very close here in Sri Lanka we can fly there in an hour.


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