Sutlej- The Flowing Beauty

A morning date with the longest river in Himachal running 1500 kms…

Satluj 1

The longest river (in km) in Himachal Pradesh originates from Lake Rakshastal in Tibet, lying near Lake Mansarovar and south of Mount Kailash. The waters of the Sutlej are allocated to India under the Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan, according to this treaty, India can utilize only 20 per cent of its total discharge of water.

On our recent road trip, we had this beautiful opportunity of spending sometime basking in the charm of Sutlej.

As the light began to touch Earth’s surface, the deceptive cover of fog came into light, it seemed as if the ‘Sutlej’ was asleep under the covers of fog, and the gradual rays were making an attempt to wake her up, slowly and beautifully….

Satluj 5

Satluj 4

Keeps flowing, continues it’s journey, what come may.

Satluj 2

Just like Life, it goes on, just like the waves, you’ll never experience the same time again, enjoy every moment!

Satluj 3

Celebrate and Be Happy.


29 thoughts on “Sutlej- The Flowing Beauty

  1. Above all things I am moved by water. Throw in mountains and I am honestly in heaven. The blanket of fog slowly being penetrated by the power of the sun, determined to reveal the flowing beauty of the reflected water are captivating, indeed for me, quite breathtaking 🙏

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    • We certainly share love for Nature 🙂 I get totally swayed with water, mountains and give me a cup of coffee 🙂 🙂 It was beautiful to watch how the cover of fog gradually subsided and gorgeous river emerged!! Thank you for your comment and feedback.

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  2. What a beautiful post about an exquisite place. Thanks for reading my blog posts. I can’t compete with your wonderful scenery or professional photography but I’m glad you enjoyed my view of my little piece of the world x


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