Hues of Turquoise!

When you see your favorite color like this!

Can you imagine Life without colors around us? I guess that would be a big NO. Colors add so much zing to our otherwise mundane Life, and each color has specific significance to it. The impact of Colors on our moods, emotions, conduct and overall well being can’t be ignored. For instance Green is the color that enhances balance and harmony while the color Blue has an instant calming effect on mind, no wonder beaches and oceans and rivers are so loved by travelers.

Hanging Garden

This one is shot at Dal Lake, Srinagar, the impact of greens is so soothing!

Somehow I have always had a special liking for ‘Turquoise’ color and when I saw this sight (the picture below), I was happily amazed.

Turquoise 1

And my favorite color! The combination of Green and Turquoise looks so appealing. If you observe closely, there’s a Helicopter parked and it’s tail is also colored Turquoise. Isn’t it beautiful! This picture too was captured in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

The other picture, is a landscape view of the place, and it’s drop dead gorgeous. With the Dal Lake visible in background and the peeking mountain, this landscape is one of my favorite shots.

Turquoise 2

This one right here is the landscape view of the Helipad and Golf Course. AMAZING!

38 thoughts on “Hues of Turquoise!

  1. Turquoise is my favourite colour and has been since I was a tiny little girl when I pronounced it Turk Boys! Therefore, I loved these pictures even more than I normally love your pictures. Thank you 🐬

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    • Oh My Fiona🐚🐚 I’m so thrilled to know that💛💛we are fond of same color. Turk Boys! I can only imagine how cute that must sound. Just a little trivia people who love Turquoise color have a friendly personality, they communicate their thoughts with purest of intentions and often have more evolved soul. I see everything in you☺️☺️☺️

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  2. An interesting post. My husband is color blind, which means that most colors are rather subdued into a general arena of sepia tones. What is interesting though is that he LOVES color. He absolutely loves having colors that he CAN see! Such as bright TURQOUISE and purple. Although he thinks they are the same color.. well to him they are. Which makes me wonder if he is seeing purple OR turqouise. Never mind, the main thing is that he is seeing those colors which make him so very happy.

    He is a color addict. Maybe one day we will try and get him the new glasses that apparently have come out now for colorblind people.


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    • Thank you Peta, for your kind feedback. I’m glad to know your hubby enjoys colors ☺️☺️👍👍 and the most important thing is that it makes him happy which in turn must be making you also happy. There is no greater joy in this world than to see our loved ones smiling. I do wish someday he will able all the pretty colors of this world. Cheers,Charu

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  3. Colors are amazing and it is sad that some people are colorblind. 🌈 I think there is some kind of vision invention which now can show colors to those who cannot see them. A truly great, miracle possibility! I like turquoise but mainly choose oranges and peach colors in clothes. 🙂

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