Chindi – A little piece of Heaven

His eyes lit with excitement as he pointed to a tree where the tiny pomegranates were hanging and dangling and swinging beautifully with gust.

We had been to Orchards before, like on Spiti Valley road trip, the accommodation we stayed in at Kalpa, was located right in the middle of Apple Orchard and we could actually touch the Apples from our room’s balcony! But Aayansh was just 11 months old then so that explains the recent enthusiasm he is now 2 :).


It was not just Pomegranates; we crossed variety of trees and were as excited as ever – Pears, Plums, Apricots, and Apples. What a blessed place this was!

And the picturesque views of the hills from that altitude were something else! We had spent a lot of time in Himachal over the last five years, and still on our every following road trip we discover some place special casting a magic spell that lingers on in our hearts.

This is Chindi!

Chindi - Cover

A beautiful drive of about 95 kms from Shimla and you are in ‘Chindi’, a serene charming place in Karsog Valley. The mountains are mighty but so luxuriant with greens and the supple fog that it feels divine. Throughout our road trip we followed Google Maps and decided to take the not so popular route and it turned out amazing as it required us to drive via these quaint villages, orchards and incredible views.

Chindi 2

The misty mighty mountains as viewed from Chindi in Karsog Valley

We reached ‘Chindi’ in the first half of the day and decided to go for trekking in the second half. It was such a delightful experience, the route was via a farm that had variety of trees and the fruits were almost ripe. With every single step I was getting so excited looking at the Red & Green Apples, Pears and Apricots. Staying in metro cities and being surrounded by concrete jungle all the time leaves me yearning for Mother Nature. Thankfully we are able to Travel 🙂

The moment we reached at top, fresh air and fragrance of soil embraced us. We spent substantial time just basking in the purity of Nature, soaking Life and our little baby loved every bit of it.

Chindi 4

Right after finishing the Trek, best way to relax – lying in the lap of Mother Nature!


Chindi 1

In the evening we just sat out on the porch of the Hotel sipping hot tea conversing with locals and had a great time.

Where to Stay!

There are few options available as far as accommodation is concerned. The best one is ‘The Mamleshwar’ managed by HPTDC and it’s better to pre–book. And the other one that we checked was just five minutes away from Mamleshwar, was decent one at reasonable price. The duration depends on the activities you plan, one day will suffice though. The next destination is Karsog Valley followed by Mandi. So, in case you don’t find suitable accommodation in Chindi, one can opt for Karsog Valley.

Happy Travels!

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47 thoughts on “Chindi – A little piece of Heaven

  1. Beautiful vistas and great way to create family moments.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Incidentally, i also saw (and stole one) apples on our trip last weekend. I remember stealing a few oranges in California too. I could have very well bought them, but the thought of stopping by the road and plucking a few overwhelmed me 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can relate to that feeling! When we went to Manali, it was the very first time I saw Apple Orchards, I was so tempted to pluck at least one 🙂 Thank you for sharing your memories.

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  3. Fantastic

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  4. Wow, that looked amazing! 😀

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  5. There is nothing quite like a tiny child experiencing something new for the first time. Imagine that! Fruit on trees …. lots and lots of it! And the mountains and the mist and the lush countryside … my second daughter’s first word was not a word but two words ‘pretty flower’ or as she said at the time ‘Pitty wowa’. It was because I was always pointing out the pretty flowers to her as we walked. The gift you give your baby with travel is priceless as is the expression of joy on his face. All in all this post is as irresistible as the pomegranates and apricots!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Fiona,
      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories and such positive feedback. 🙂 You made my day!
      In last two years, I have evolved as a person, being a Mother is not just a feeling or event but a whole new experience! I have seen my baby observing every tiny thing around him and sharing a smile with me every time he thinks he made a discovery. It’s so precious! And I can only imagine how remarkably beautiful your journey has been while raising your daughters 🙂 ‘Pitty Wowa’ sounds so so cute! i’m sure you have had so many warm moments like these.
      Seeing my baby smiling and sound of his laughter, is one of the best feeling for me.
      Thank you again 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • It is the most magical of journeys. I very wise friend said to me when my eldest was I would guess about the size of your baby ‘go with her – she will take you on the ride of your life if you let her’. He didn’t give into every strop and tantrum but rather to adapt and see the world as she was at that moment. I took the advice and the last far too many years to dwell on have indeed been the ride of my life and now that they are adults it is still just as magical. You clearly have that gift and are willing to ‘go with it’

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  6. Great photos and story Chindi. Love the one of your son and husband in the flowers.

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  7. Aayansh looks like a little explorer….too cute. And I love those pomegranate trees. Great shots guys. Lorelle . 🙂

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  8. Mmmm fresh fruit right off the tree always gets me excited! And pomegranates! Yum!! Soooo good! Lovely photos too.


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  9. Even the photographs look so fresh! Must have been a wonderful experience indeed 🙂

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  10. Stopped by to thank you for following. I’ll be browsing here for a bit. Looks quite interesting.

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  11. Your outstanding photography with a focus on individual experiences (relaxing in the lap of Mother Nature) had a profound effect on my view of India and its not so well known heavenly places.

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    • Dear Peter, Thank you for such encouraging feedback 🙂 Our objective is to highlight the travel treasures in India that people are not aware about. There is a huge population in India itself that would not know of such locations. It is very kind of you to praise 🙂 And that picture, I didn’t even know when Ashish clicked it, I guess natural poses come out the best:)
      Cheers, Charu

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  12. Wow.. beautiful..

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  13. Sometimes it is so disappointing to live in a concrete jungle where you can hardly see green colour.

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  14. Doing a great work with your blog….👍👍

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  15. What a splendid place !!!

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  16. Lovely photos. How lovely to spend the day outside enjoying the natural beauty. 🙂

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  17. Green! Nature chose its colours well

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  18. An interesting post with awsome images.

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  19. Sounds wonderful 😊

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  20. Sounds like a wonderful place. Very cute pictures too.

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  21. What a beautiful post . So full of happiness and joy. 😊

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