The Divine Abode of ‘Goddess Chindi’

A photo tour of the Chindi Mata Temple located in Chindi, Karsog Valley, Himachal !

‘Humanity is the only religion’, he always tells me. He doesn’t stop anyone from Idol worship though opines when sees people around following irrational traditions;  try and force him to be a part of something similar and you are in for a stimulating debate!

Ashish (my soul-mate) is a big inspiration in my life, of so many things that are purely impressive about him; one is that he believes ‘Good Karma is all you need to conquer the Evil’. And for him ‘God’ is another name for rediscovering the power of ‘Good’; And ‘God’ is omnipresent, not restricted to the premises of the Temples!

Then how did we end up in Temple one might think. There could be different reasons why people visit temples!

Well, the Temples in India are commendable work of art and the Architecture of Temples is very specific to the region. For instance, in Tamil Nadu one will find Dravidian styled Hindu Temples while on the other hand, in Himachal a combination of styles – Dome, Timber bonded or Flat roofed.

On our visit to Chindi in Karsog Valley, we discovered this archaic yet incredibly beautiful ‘Chindi Mata’ temple.

Temple 1

The entrance to the Chindi Mata Temple, the name Chindi name is derived from the place where it is located.

Temple 2

The timber wood structure and marvelous architecture catches one’s fancy at first sight!

Temple 3

This is the main temple where ‘Goddess Chindi’ resides

The artists’ impression of ‘Goddess’ (Mata in Hindi) is sensational, above you can see Goddess Durga and Kaali. Goddess Durga has nine different forms and each form (or Avatar) has a beautiful story. Kaali or Kalka is also one of her majestic forms.

The surroundings were quiet while the nature’s music created by droplets of rain played constantly in the background. The chirping birds also made their contribution to the melody making the settings perfect for a happy morning.

Temple 4

The design was so aesthetically appealing that one could spend hours appreciating the effort and execution.

Mata Chindi 6

That in the center is ‘Hawan Kund’, used for special puja’s and occasions in Hinduism. And yes, the one with camera is Ashish 🙂

This is the beautiful moment when Aayansh went ahead to befriend the ‘Tigaar’ (in his language), his innocent eyes were sparkling with joy, for him it was as real as it could get!

Mata Chindi 7

The concentric circles depict a ‘Stepped Pond’ , popularly known as ‘Kund’ in India

This temple is one of the magnificent temples of the region and if you’re in Chindi, you must visit it once.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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36 thoughts on “The Divine Abode of ‘Goddess Chindi’

  1. Your soul-mate speaks my heart and mind. And having that view does not preclude visiting the great religious buildings and being as moved as the next man. This post is just so full of joy in those incredible adornments made in the name of Good/God. So inspiring, so uplifting – your pictures are superb!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Fiona 🙂
      I totally agree, and Ashish will be so happy to read this. You know, my parents are ardent believers of God and Idol worship is one of the ways they show their dedication towards God. Moreover, all the traditions in the name of God were followed at my place, I could never understand but followed all of it. However, staying with Ashish changed my perspective, he would question everything, trying to find a rationale behind every action and I think I evolved in an osmosis 🙂 I feel much more confident and happy now.
      Thank you so much for those encouraging words and feedback 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was brought up in an odd nest. My mother practiced Christianity, my father, a Scientist would go to church at Christmas but looked shocked when my mother suggested she get the Priest when he was on his death bed. I favour my fathers approach and Ashish has it nailed. I am glad you are more confident and happy now. Very glad. I’m afraid that religious practice was developed to keep control of the masses. Those that are free spirits are the true explorers and you too are veritable explorers!!! 😊

        Liked by 2 people

  2. very delightful one. Himachal is small state but beautiful and chandi Temples seem to be very interesting both fromspiritual and Architectural point of views.
    Though i come from kashmir ,heaven in this world but still Ilove your post with unflinching faiith in God,

    read my blogs and leave your comments.

    Liked by 1 person

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