The crack of Dawn at Sunset Beach!!

Let’s begin exploring Goa with the Sunset Beach in South Goa

Right from the time, the first thought of spending Diwali holidays in Goa surfaced to discussions, I couldn’t stop picturing sandy beaches, soothing dawn, fiery sunsets and vibrant nights. Mostly (actually all) holidays till now were spent back in home either in Agra or Mumbai but this time we thought let it be sweetened with Sun, Sand, Sea and Shells. So, it was planned – ‘A wandering week in Goa’! I’ll do a comprehensive post soon covering the whole road trip and a series of detailed posts about the beaches and here goes the first one 🙂

Goa is thronged by domestic as well as international tourists alike and the preferable months for the visit are October – March. You’ll find that foreign tourists share the love for beaches candidly here. In fact few of the beaches that we visited had only foreign tourists cheerfully having a great time.

Goa (Goem in Konkani) is India’s smallest state by area, formerly a Portuguese province, was annexed by the Indian Army in 1961.

How Goa welcomed us!

Our flight from New Delhi landed ahead of the scheduled time (yay!!) and we were out much before the anticipated time. We had taken a bike on rent and the guy handed over the bike to us outside the airport itself. We had booked a Home Stay in South Goa (Fatona area), which according to Google Maps was 30 – 40 minutes away, we thought that’s manageable. BUT, there was something else planned for us, right after five minutes of our drive, it began drizzling and in few minutes a heavy downpour and we were stranded!

With the little baby and the entire luggage, it was so challenging to drive. Moreover, the constant thought that baby might catch cold was making me sick. Though we had an umbrella but it was of little help. It was our first trip to Goa, we had no idea that shops begin to close by 8.30ish, restaurants also being to close early (barring select few), there were no streetlights (only few roads had some lights) and patches were luxuriant with greens. With nothing visible, our only hope and help was google map. And that too was difficult to check because of the constant rain. Finally, all drenched and distressed, we could reach the Home Stay only in 1.5 hours or more.

Waking up next morning to the beauty

The morning was beautiful and we were all pumped up to explore the beach :). The closest beach to our Home Stay was Sunset Beach and it looked something like this in the morning 🙂 The fascinating part is that this is a deserted beach, and in wee hours there was no one around not even the Lifeguard. It looked so calm with the golden sky preparing for sunrise.

Sunset Beach



There’s Betalbatim Beach not too far away, so just keep walking along and you’ll hit it.


By the time we reached Betalbatim, the sky had adorned new colors with Sun shining bright. It just gave feeling of a perfect painting separated only by a thin line of color variation, the Sky and Sea look like perfect companions here.


There are going to be a lot of posts about Goa 🙂 It was a 7 days exploration spree and I hope you travel along.

Until next post, keep exploring ‘Untraveled Routes



38 thoughts on “The crack of Dawn at Sunset Beach!!

  1. When my daughter went to India she and her travelling companion who had been before headed straight from Mumbai to Goa to relax before they got on with their travels in earnest. And at the end of her several months adventure when her now husband, then boyfriend flew out for the last two weeks she spent a few last days in Pushkar before they jumped on a flight from Delhi to relax one more time on the beaches in Goa before heading home to cold England! She adored it and I know that when I eventually get to India ((and I will)) that I will make a little time for this paradise corner. Your article has strengthened my resolve. But then your wondrous travelogues and pictures strengthen my resolve to see SO much in India that I fear I will need to put aside years instead of months to see what I have so far noted in my trusty moleskine notebook 📓

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thank you dear, Osyth 💛 sometimes I’m not able to decide that shall I call you Osyth or Fiona 😬😬.
      I guess Life is keeping you really busy haven’t seen you blogging. 🙂
      Goa is so popular with the foreign tourists and now I know why 💛 the beaches are so beautiful all of them not the cleanest though, South Goa beaches are comparatively secluded and cleaner as compared to North Goa. We did cover North Goa as well but our focus was South Goa. Goa is safe moreover one can comfortably wear anything of choice unlike other places in India where even a skirt draws stares from locals… Goa provides the much needed respite. Is your daughter going to visit Goa again?
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. 💛

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      • I prefer ‘Osyth’ when conversing in WordPress. You know my real name and of course please use it outside of here but Osyth is my blogging name and I prefer to stick to it in the blogosphere. Even though many don’t want to be persuaded of it 😉. My daughter is married now so I guess those Goa along with other places is down to the two of them to decide now amongst all the other plans they have for their lives together! LIfe has been busy but I have pressed reset and will be back posting from this week 🙂

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  2. Marvellous images and beautiful colours. Thank you for some amazing posts and thank you for reading and ‘liking’ mine. I shall follow your blog with interest now. Just off to Sweden in a few hours so will catch up on my return.

    Liked by 1 person

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