The Tall and Mighty – Dudhsagar Falls

Day 2 – Witnessing the fifth largest waterfall of India

Dudhsagar Falls translates to ‘The Sea of Milk’ in English, with a mighty fall of 1,020 feet; these falls are a sight to watch evoking awe and excitement alike. Dudhsagar is a 4-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River near Goa – Karnataka border. We covered Dudhsagar Falls on Day 2 of our recent Goa trip (Oct’17).

The falls are located inside a Wildlife Sanctuary and hence governed by the Forest Department, the access is a bit difficult but worth the effort. Dudhsagar has a mighty fall, and the arc sort of design as seen in pictures is actually a railway track, there’s a Bollywood movie shot here too (remember Chennai Express!) ; however the train has been discontinued lately.

Dhudhsagar 4

Dudhsagar Falls

Dhudhsagar 1

Things to Know, before you go to Dudhsagar Falls

  • Currently, the only way to reach the falls is by booking the ‘Jeep Safari’ which costs INR 400 +INR 30 for life jacket +INR 50 forest department fee, comes around INR 480. The Jeep will take you on a bumpy ride of 10 -12 km and finally once you reach the falls, you’ll have 1.30 hours to enjoy. Photography is allowed but carrying a camera and managing it (particularly DSLR) is a bit difficult.
  • The way that leads to falls is beautiful, risky though, especially if you have a Kid / Backpack. It’s preferable to wear Floaters or Sandals.
  • There is a place where one can enjoy light swimming at the foot of the falls. One has to be careful all the time as there are rocks beneath water.
  • There was a train earlier which used to go till the Falls, but now it has been discontinued.
  • You might encounter the local villagers claiming that they will take you on a trek till the top of the waterfall and charge only INR 1,000 but please do not fall prey to such claims; the area is not safe due to thick forest, presence of wild animals and steep water cliff. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, they will not take any responsibility.
  • Since, we had our bike; we traveled the distance in 2 hours from South Goa to Dudhsagar Falls. However, for someone coming from North Goa this might take 3.30 – 4 hours of travel from one side, so plan accordingly.
  • During monsoons and heavy rains, the falls are closed to avoid casualties.

The lower half of the falls where swimming is allowed –

Dhudhsagar 3Dhudhsagar 2

Ending the day, Cavelossim way

After an eventful day, we decided to spend a peaceful evening at the ‘Cavelossim Beach’. Cavelossim Beach is a white sand beach on the Salcette beach stretch. All the beaches on this stretch are beautiful and have a differentiating factor of it’s own. Cavelossim is ranked amongst the top 10 beaches in India (2017, Traveler’s Choice). And, here are some of the snapshots –

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33 thoughts on “The Tall and Mighty – Dudhsagar Falls

  1. As you have surmised I have been horribly busy and out of touch recently but it is always a treasure to find a post by you. This is no exception and I apologise for the scanty nature of my comment – believe me, as ever I have devoured the information and drunk in the wonderful images.

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    • Hi Osyth,
      It’s always a delight to read your comment, it’s makes me feel positive and happy. And it’s not scanty 🙂
      About taking a break from blogging, it’s actually cool, there have been days where I don’t even get to look at my blog for days!
      Take Care

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  2. Looks like quite a hike but totally worth it!

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  3. Amazing falls photographed in long exposure settings to bring out the milky looks!

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  4. What a beautiful place.

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  5. carolineontheglobe

    Capturing waterfalls is always amazing. I love all the photos. Such a beautiful place 🙂

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  6. Beautiful


  7. Mindblowingly beautiful! Geez. And I always enjoy Y’alls ever-changing header picture! This one of the two of You is just fantastic! Cheers! 🙂

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  8. Amazingly captured in its beauty and power of the water.

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  9. Wow truly amazing Falls. Brilliant pics.

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  10. Wow i have this on my cards since long. The flow looks decent

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  11. Truly beautiful! Loved this post…

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  12. Oorja Agrawal

    U are such a inspiration .. the way of show the world is something amazing.

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  13. How pretty this! 😍

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  14. Wonderful tips, so handy. It looks sooo inviting.

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  15. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse)

    Beautiful shots and great tips. I do remember that shot in Chennai Express. It’s too bad the train has been discontinued.

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  17. Very informative post about the Dudhsagar waterfalls. This will help us plan better for the trip😊

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  18. I’m yet to make a trip to Dudhsagar falls, have only had a glimpse of it from the train!


  19. Sounds and looks like a really cool place to visit… Great photos

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  20. Gorgeous pictures! This wasn’t on my bucket list before but it definitely is now! 🙂

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  21. Lovely Pictures! You have a beautiful blog:)

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  22. Oh my! It’s breath taking!!

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