The Betul Beach – Where Sal meets the Sea

Photo Tour of the beguiling Betul Beach

A series of tranquil huts ensconced near River Sal in Salcette, South Goa luxuriant with coconut grove and other fruit trees; that’s Betul village. And just across the river there is the beguiling Betul Beach. The sparkling white sandy beach is charming for more than one reasons – the River Sal meets the Sea here creating a beautiful sight, due to high tides the beach is adorned with beautiful lagoon (which will be visible in pictures) and lastly the view of hills on one side where one shall witness the ships moving towards the harbor and the villagers fishing is a sight to behold.

Betul 9

On the margin of the River, Washing up it’s silver spray;  We will walk and worship ever, All the happy, golden day.

~ Tidings from the poem ‘Beautiful River’ by Robert Lowry

Betul 8Betul 6

Betul 7

The Beach was literally covered with shells of all colors and sizes one can possibly imagine! And it was too much fun to collect these with my two year old baby boy.

Betul 10Betul 5

That’s my little love – Aayansh 🙂 having a great time exploring the beach.

Betul 11

The villagers ending the day post fishing.

Betul 3

Betul 12Betul 4

This is the golden hour, almost sunset, it was so resplendent!!!

I will leave you with the beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson

My River runs to thee
Blue Sea! Wilt welcome me?
My River wait reply
Oh Sea—look graciously
I’ll fetch thee Brooks
From spotted nooks
Say—Sea—Take Me!



33 thoughts on “The Betul Beach – Where Sal meets the Sea

  1. Once again You gift such joy and beauty! Thank You! The picture of You on the header made me smile so big, and Aayansh exploring the beach is absolutely wonderful! The poetry, all the lovely photos. Yay. Thank You for ending my day so sweetly! Cheers! 🙂

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    • It’s so delightful to read your comments and begin my day. Sorry for the delayed response, I’m traveling 🎒🎒 came to see the family in Mumbai. I’m so happy that you like our pictures so much. Thank you for such amazing feedback.
      Good day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello! Thank You and no worries at all about any delay!!! Life is busy! 😊 You are always very kind! I hope You are having wonderful travels and that Your family is well. It’s always my pleasure to visit Your blog. How fun! Cheers! 🙂

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  2. I literally feel soaked in golden calm after that! Thank you for including one of my favourite poems … Emily Dickinson had the sweetest purest way with words. But your pictures, your own words drifting me to this heavenly place and the smiles at Aayansh delighting in the place he is exploring. Really, dear friend this post is a the most delightful gift!

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    • Hi Osyth,
      Hope had a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones. I was traveling hence couldn’t reply earlier.
      Emily Dickinson is one of my favorites too, she writes beautifully. I’m glad I could use one of her poems especially for this post it was so apt. We have been traveling for years but with Aayansh everything is more fun, he wanders around like a little explorer and with every new discovery gets so excited!! I’m happy the post brings you positive vibes and smiles.


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      • I had a lovely Christmas, thank you. I hope your travels were magical. I have Friends in Moscow with. A little boy who is just three. They travel with him a lot and earlier in the year stayed with us for a few days in France. His delight and interest and pioneering spirit made for the most wonderful few days … children open ours even further to the wonder that surrounds us and I am glad you include your little treasure wherever you go.

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