Benaulim Beach – As radiant as it can get

Firstly, wishing all the fellow bloggers and readers ‘Happy New Year’!! It’s been almost a month since my last post, I have been traveling and catching up with loved ones 🙂 So, blogging got out of attention purview. Well, I’m back and here’s the first post for the year….

I saw flurry of colors taking off and

Landing smoothly on the calm waves

I witnessed the smiles while memories were made

The drawings on the golden sand

Making impression on my heart

I wish I could stop Time or may be capture it in a magical box…….

The beautiful Benaulim Beach gave us memories of a lifetime!!


Benaulim 7

Benaulim 6Benaulim 3

Benaulim now a town in South Goa district (Salcette stretch) was erstwhile known as Banahalli. After Portuguese intervention it was given a new name and since then it has stayed so.

The region has two beautiful churches – The Holy Trinity Church and the St. John Baptist Church. Both the churches have peculiar appeal. However it’s prime beauty is its Benaulim beach adorned with tranquil waves, the swinging coconut trees, the creatures that greet you here and golden sands.

Benaulim 4

We spent whole evening here and it was just wholesome entertainment. There were more people swimming here as the waves on this beach were super calm. There was parasailing, jet skiing, boat riding, wind surfing, people jogging, playing volley ball, doing yoga and much more.

The number of sea stars that greeted us here was incredible. Not just that there were all different kinds of crab and all other tiny creatures touching the feet. And Jelly fishes too!!

The varieties of Starfish here was unbelievable, some of them were close to water and hence managed to survive but few others just waited for long to unite with the sea.

Benaulim Quote

And now few snapshots that will make you smile right away!!

Benaulim 2Benaulim 5

Benaulim 10

On that note, keep exploring and stay blessed!


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36 thoughts on “Benaulim Beach – As radiant as it can get

  1. These are beautiful photos. Great photography here. Stay blessed. 🙂

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  2. What an idyllic place and the look of wonder on little one’s face transforms it from idyllic to paradise ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Osyth☺️☺️. How’s everyone at home?. Wishing them a Happy New Year too.
      Yeah, his expressions are too any to capture, someday I will share a whole post on that. I’m sorry have missed lot of your posts, will try to catch up ASAP.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It looks like paradise!

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  4. Beautiful shots. You have a way with words, the imagery that finds expression and a soulful poetry. I love how it plays with the senses like the wind’s flutter caressing the hair, man. Happy New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Vishal. How have you been? Hope you having rocking 2018.
      I’m glad you liked the pictures and poetry. Those words are straight from the heart and I wrote them right while I was enjoying the beach ☺️☺️.
      Take Care.

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  5. Beautiful and vibrant pictures but the most heartouching pictures were the last three snaps.😊👍

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  6. Beautiful photos – I love all these photos, but the starfish images with the words are awesome … nicely done. The family photos will be treasured long after the glow of this trip wears off. I like your tank top … I am Canadian, lived here in the U.S. since 1966, but still a Canadian citizen. Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Linda. Wishing you a beautiful 2018 🙂
      I’m so glad you found these pictures interesting. Yes, totally agree the photos will be treasured always. This is what I love most about traveling, creating memories for a lifetime. I can see why you love that top so much 🙂
      Take Care.

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  7. Welcome back to the world of blogging! Great post on the colourful world of Goa!

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  8. Beautiful sharing 😌

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  9. HOW FUN AND LOVELY!!!! All of Your poetry, the joy that shines through this post and Your wonderful pictures just gifted my first ear to ear smile of the day! Thank You!!! It’s uncommonly cold here right now and what a delight to start my day with this. I’m happy You had such a wonderful time! You husband and son are just glowing, glowing, glowing. Wow! Cheers and Yay! and Happy New Year!!! 😃

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  10. Happy New Year to you and your family!!! I liked the vibrant colors in your photographs and the innocent Star Fish!.

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  11. What beautiful photos. I especially love love tge starfish. I am going to read your pist on the best beaches of Goa now as we might be there in February. Do you live there? Happy 2018 to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Peta,
      Thank you so much. It’s great to know you are headed for India next 🙂 I stay in Delhi. We stayed in South Goa. So, all the beaches we have covered are majorly the South Goa ones except for one or two in North.
      Happy New Year to too.
      Cheers, Charu


  12. Loved the starfish, especially the starfish and your poem! –Curt

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  13. I like a beach with calm waves for swimming. Looks like you and your little boy were having a wonderful time.

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  14. Simply amazing 😍😍

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  15. Gorgeous photos.

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