Beloved Februa

Happy February!!

The month of February is a treasured one, the weather, the heavens, the lovely feeling is overwhelming. This 7th we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, and I’m not able to find enough apt words to describe how happy I am!! Though Ashish and I have been together for more than a decade now, we took wedding vows on February 7, 2011 (feels like yesterday though). To Seven years and counting!!

Wedding Pic

This is a picture from our wedding 🙂

This week share your dear love for the theme Beloved

There are so many things that are so close to my heart, making a choice is always difficult. However, as a tribute to our togetherness and to celebrate theme I have picked seven pictures depicting blossoming flowers. Flowers, big or small, I equally love them all. These pictures radiate positive energy and warmth. I hope you find these endearing.

Orange Flower for Upload

As the fragrance of wet soil emerged, the drizzle was pertinent

As the drops kissed petals, the colors so bright turned resplendent


The beauty that spreads Love

Flowers from Srinagar

The flaunting flower bringing Cheer

icici 140

The Therapeutic Bunch


The vibrancy of orange is contagious

Amidst all greens it stands out.


Pink beauties, the more the merrier!!

Flower Red

The fiery Red depicting Love, Passion, Romance and much more…

Cheers. Beloved

48 thoughts on “Beloved Februa

  1. Happiest of happiest to you both and may you share aeons more together. Your wedding picture is beautiful and the gift of flowers you have given to us is utterly gorgeous. Thank you so much for cheering my day x

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    • Amen.
      Thank you for your blessings and wishes. Yeah, the whole North Indian style attire gives a different look 🙂 All of the flower pictures were shot at Srinagar in Kashmir. The region exudes natural beauty. I’m very happy to see your comment. Thanks again.
      Take Care Osyth.

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      • I was in England when I wrote the comment, now back in France since the weekend. Yesterday I was in Switzerland which is always heavenly. Trouble is I have little time to write nor to read and I do so miss certain blogs when I am absent yours being absolutely one of my most favourite – it really is exquisite! Warmest wishes to you all and I hope that divine little boy of yours is having wonder filled days (and you too, of course) x


  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Yay!!! The picture from You wedding radiates so much happiness…’s just brilliant!!!! I still can’t stop smiling. And flowers are one of my beloveds as well. Gorgeous. Thanks for such a wonderful post. Cheers and here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries!!! 🙂

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  3. Hope you continue many years on your journey together. Your wedding photo is very beautiful, and there are so many vibrant colors in this post … from your wedding photo to all the beautiful flowers, that you just may have used up all the crayon colors in the Crayola box! Blessings and best wishes to you both.

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