The Wonderland is YOU!!!

The most endearing thing in Life is to be able to wake up with optimistic notions, unabated smile, balmy heart and an aura that exudes positivity. One might say that’s just not possible with all the stress endowed with current lifestyles and all kinds of responsibilities that Adulting brings with time.

And that is also the reason why it is becoming so rare to find, such a simple delight but most of us are struggling to find it on a daily basis. Happiness is all contained within you, you just need to identify and unleash it.

Wonderland 1

Happiness is the most beautiful gift you can gift to yourself. And it’s contagious, it spreads to people around you!!

To put in perspective, Berkeley Wellness recently shared a piece on happiness where Scientists and Researchers have defined happiness as having satisfaction and meaning in your life. It’s the propensity to feel positive emotions, the capacity to recover from negative emotions quickly, and holding a sense of purpose. Happiness is not having a lot of privilege or money. It’s a broader thing: Our ability to connect with others, to have meaningful relationships, to have a community. (The real relationships and social bonding not social media)

There is no dearth of researches that have been conducted in the past affirming that ‘Happiness’ cannot be bought with money, what makes one happy in the long run are relationships, experiences and contentment with Life. That contentment is not going to come if you keep spending hours, days, and months and ultimately years doing the same thing over and over again to earn money unless you have taken a bold choice of pursuing your passion. If every morning you get up and you are raring to go to work, it’s all good.  If not, then rethink. The Science of Happiness encourages people to begin with acknowledging ‘3 beautiful things / incidences’ that they believe make them feel happy and blessed on a daily basis. It’s also called the Happiness Practice, so if you’re really struggling, I’d suggest begin with the Practice.

I often read quotes by Robin Sharma, he is such an amazing writer (his books are awesome too!), two of the quotes are like etched in my brain – ‘Do not Live the same year 75 times and call it a LIFE’ and the other one – ‘Who you are becoming is more important than what you are accumulating’.

I hope your pursuit of happiness finds it’s goal soon.

Dedicating this piece to ‘Happiness’, I’m glad to share beautifully apt pictures in the series, the highlight photo of which is published above. These pictures were shot at Dhankar, Spiti Valley. Dhankar stands tall at an altitude of 12,774 feet. Dhang/dang means cliff, and kar/khar means fort. Hence, the fort on a cliff is popularly known as ‘Dhankar’. The confluence of Spiti & Pin Rivers from this height is incredible!!!

Hope these pictures bring delight and the spirit of happiness to you –

Wonderland 6

Wonderland 5

Wonderland 3

Wonderland 4

Well, no denying that Childhood is the most precious and beautiful time of Life. The way these kids were playing at such high altitude and on the road which had no fences, no protection is admirable. Also, they were so happy to face the camera.

It was difficult for us to even get out of the car and fight the crazy wind. This also shows human body is capable of anything. In fact, Spiti is one place which makes me rethink the metro lifestyles.

To conclude, I would say never let go of the child inside you, for it will keep you alive.


46 thoughts on “The Wonderland is YOU!!!

  1. Happiness can be such a fleeting butterfly in lives overwhelmed by duty and obligation, by the necessity of earning money to care for not just ourselves but those that rely on us. I believe that first we have to love ourselves, we must be content in our own skin and not constantly distracted by what others have or are doing. When we are content then happiness follows and stays as so beautifully illustrated in your gallery of joyous photos 🦋

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    • I agree ☺️ it starts with acceptance and appreciation of who you are. Life can be brutal at times but Love has the power to conquer it all. And happiness follows. It’s like the light which is so empowering. I’m glad that you like the pictures, these are my favourite from Spiti trip. I can’t stop smiling when I look at them.
      Take Care 🤗🤗

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  2. OH!!!! THANK YOU!!!! What a wonderful, absolutely divine post! Your thoughts, words, the children playing and laughing. You just gifted me a five times around the sun smile on my face and in my heart! Cheers to You and Huge Hugs! 💖🙏🏼🤗☀️✨

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    • Thank you Arvind. ☺️
      That’s so true, these people without the best of gadgets, no branded clothes, no fancy restaurants, live a beautiful Life because they value relationships. They value what they have and appreciate Nature. In fact, the list is endless, whenever I travel, I have experienced that these remote places have different kind of feel. In metros, we can’t expect that but yes a lot can be learned for the good.
      Take Care. 🙂🙂


  3. In deed your post brought more happiness to my Happy Friday. As Maharshi Ramana said- Happiness is our true nature. And as Buddha said, There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. We are born happy, but we tend to become over time what we are actually not.
    Great photographs, such naive and adorable kids. Bless them happiness for ever 🙂

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