Rise and Behold!!

The Silent Mornings….

Lot of people don’t prefer to travel by the early morning flights, it disrupts the schedule, imagine if the flight is at 4.00 am, one has to prepare for it the night before and one tends to miss the sleep for that night. But if you ask about ME, I prefer boarding the early morning flights. Yes, I face all the basic problems, not to mention morning sickness yet still I want to be out there.

I’m all for it and here’s why – I’m fascinated by the visuals of witnessing the rays of the Sun penetrating the fluffy clouds and then gently falling on Earth’s surface in the wee hours. The site makes for a striking canvas.

The clouds do look like gigantic softest possible cushions manifesting random designs. I remember, on my recent flight from New Delhi to Mumbai, we were about to land at Mumbai Airport around 5.30 am, the sky looked just magnificent, the best views come when the plane is not too close to the ground but at enough altitude to clearly see the surface. Interestingly, my three old boy loves the view too, and every single time, when he looks outside the window he tells me this – ‘I want to jump on the fluffy cloud like I do on the Trampoline and then fly up high’. It’s magical.

Today, I’m sharing some of the views here, apology for not being able to get the clearest pictures.

Mumbai Morning 2

Mumbai Morning 1


Mumbai Morning 5

Mumbai Morning 4

However, I also observed few other disturbing things, like restlessness, people just waiting to exit the plane, keeping their phones ready in their hands to switch on the signal asap! (And yes, they do.) I’m referring particularly to Indian flights and passengers, it’s mayhem as soon as the flight lands, it’s like even before the gates are opened everyone wants to rush.

I believe there’s something about enjoying the present especially when you have nothing else to do and rather than worrying about future, enjoy just being.  Well, I know, everyone has a super busy life these days and most of the time we spend with our phones! But there still are things in Life, which one needs to feel, and there’s a beautiful Life without gadgets too, just try a phone detox sometimes.

Have a great week!!



26 thoughts on “Rise and Behold!!

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  2. I always love clicking pictures whenever I’m flying around dawn. You are right, Indian passengers are the most impatient ones. They behave as if the plane made an emergency landing and they have to get out!

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  3. Great post, I agree with you but we are all integrated with our phones. Without the phone, you couldn’t have shot the picture to show us no? 😀 Generally, I do a lot of photography in flight. I love the cloud formation and the play of lights in the sky. we never get that kind of a setting anywhere unless one climbs mount, Everest! But I do all in flight mode only. Check in this page I have two videos I shot from the flight.

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    • Actually I was referring to the way people behave when flight is about to land and urgency to switch on the signal even before crew finishes the announcement! And yes start calling and talking loudly too.
      About the photography, yes it’s too beautiful to miss. However, this was the first time ever I used my phone because the ⛅ looked incredible (the flight mode ☺️). It’s difficult to stay away from gadgets completely, but I feel sometimes it’s necessary too.🙂. I’m definitely going to check the videos. And congrats for moving to WordPress.org, I have been planning to do it for my blog as well but not able to find enough time yet. Was it difficult?

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      • Thanks man, yes I agree people are so restless and I have seen that loud talk as the plane touches the runway! More than that I get annoyed they even open the luggage overhead bins. !!
        Yes, WP.org is a kind of mixed bag so far. Still not sure about my move. Moving was very easy but after affects I am worried about. I am gonna make a post and let you have all the details along with plus and minus. That should help everyone in the same boat.

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  4. This post really sparked a memory of childhood for me. When you wrote about your son talking about the clouds.. that is EXACTLY what I used to think of as little girl when I went in an airplane, which was not often. But my family moved to the Middle East for two years when I was ten and I still remember the clouds and how I thought they really were soft and fluffy and one could jump into them!!! I loved starting out the window and seeing those landscapes of fantasy. Your photos brought it all back…

    Nowadays I prefer not to take the flights in the wee hours for all the reasons you mention.. but I do like arriving somewhere as day is starting….


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