Photo Tour of the Havelock Island (Part I)

A trip to Andamans was the first trip we planned as a family when I just about began to walk again (I believe most of you know about my severe ligament rupture). We felt like a beach would be a perfect place to explore, walk bare feet, enjoy open water swimming and craft some awesome memories together.

It’s unbelievable how the ability of walking can alter every bit of life so much. Well, I am grateful that at least a saunter is now within my reach. So, back to this heavenly and incredibly ravishing island called Havelock. Havelock Island comprises of revered white sand beaches including Radhanagar, Elephant and Kalapathar Beach. Isn’t it fascinating that Radhanagar beach is constantly ranked amongst the Top 10 best beaches of the world. Moreover it has also been ranked first in Asia on various occasions.

Let me take you there virtually via a photo tour (disclaimer: it’s nothing like really being there, so start planning a visit soon!)

Welcome to Hearty Havelock (also known as Swaraj Island),  one of the largest islands in Ritchie’s Archipelago that belongs to the South Andaman administrative region of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a union territory of India.

The silent mornings
One can spend hours walking or even just sitting here watching the waves crashing and pristine ocean
These rocks sure ROCK!!!
Those are some cool waves! It seems like the rock in the water resembles some animal (a huge alligator or a hippo), isn’t it?
When Nature decides to be the artist 🙂 Evening at Radhanagar Beach. I love the natural silhouette effect !!!

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Keep Exploring 🙂

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