Traveling with a Baby!!

Traveling with your little one could be as much intimidating as exciting!! Being an avid traveler and a first time mom, I believe my experience needs to be shared’

Preparing for the arrival of a new life is an ecstatic time for soon to be parents. Right from the happy news, regular follow-up checkups, medicines, preparing for the D-day and welcome of the baby into his abode for life are times to be cherished forever.

Post baby, all the equations in life change drastically including traveling. Every little thing needs to be planned around the baby to ensure his / her comfort and happiness. No parent wants to mess up even tiniest of the things!! Being a first time mom I totally know the feeling!!!

Our incessant love and zeal for travel couldn’t keep us off the roads for a very long time, so we had one memorable journey during my pregnancy. And once our little love arrived, we continued our exploration spree and baby had his very first road trip at the tender age of 3 months 🙂 and has been traveling since!

We call our little bundle of joy – Aayansh (meaning a source of life).

Baby and Me.jpg

I’m really glad to share my experiences and tips with the parents because I know first time parents are kind of apprehensive about ‘Traveling with a baby’. I have distinguished my articles based on the kind of travel and in this one I’m focusing on planning a road trip with infants between 3 – 6 months. Our little love had first road trip from New Delhi to Agra, the distance covered was around 240 kms and it took us almost 4.5 – 5 hours. This route would usually take around 3 hours but considering our first journey and travel experience with the baby, it took a little longer.

Babies can be anything but predictable!!! In the initial days, mostly babies like to sleep for 16 – 18 hours but this undergoes a change as they grow. Babies between three and six months come a long way, they start responding, playing, babbling and become aware of surroundings. At the age of 2.5 months our little love would copy sounds and was able to hold a toy for brief period amongst other developments.  It’s so much fun to experience everything!!! Being with Aayansh has totally changed my perspective towards life and has made me a better person. So, let’s get started –

  • Research well about the place you are traveling to and the roads that will take you there. You don’t want a bumpy ride!!! The weather of the destination is equally important too, you cannot expose baby to extreme climates.
  • Your bundle of joy loves to follow a routine and the best part is that babies acclimatize and embrace change sooner than adults. There are two ways to go about it – either you plan the travel around baby’s current routine or you mould his routine a week prior to suit the travel. You need to make sure that baby sleeps during most of the journey. The atmosphere and feeling of being inside the car can induce discomfort. Infants usually cry to express their uneasiness and distress. You will end up taking lot of short breaks if the crying gets triggered.
  • Feed your baby right before the journey. If you are a feeding mother, carry high energy / nutritious snacks to keep hunger pangs at bay. If you have started the formula then you don’t have to worry as you can feed the baby right away at first sign of hunger even while traveling.
  • We always have carrycot in the car, though Aayansh would stay in the cot for a brief time but it was worth it. It will give mommy a little break otherwise carrying baby in the lap for the whole journey could be tiring and exhausting.
  • Carry all the medicines and record file of the baby, not because things will go wrong but just to stay prepared.

Feel free to add more points, let’s make it interactive 🙂

Happy Traveling !!