Lets Travel Together

"Surely the God lives here, this is no place for men" so said Rudyard Kipling for this insanely beautiful region. And you are bound to feel the same once you land here. This picture gives you a feel of some fictional movie location like Hogwarts in Harry Potter series. Isn't it magical and resplendent? This … Continue reading Lets Travel Together

Guest Post: When the Kedarkantha Trek became too challenging

Recently I went to Kedarkantha trek which is considered as one of the easiest trek for the beginners. But with the level of snow (aound 7-8 ft.) out there, it became one of the most challenging trek. I share my story here; Happy reading 🙂 Day 1 (31st January): Started from Faridabad by my car … Continue reading Guest Post: When the Kedarkantha Trek became too challenging

The Environment Friendly Search !!!

Let's create Eco Search !!! Well we all are pretty much aware that global warming, renewable sources, biofuels, carbon footprints, depleting forests & endangered species have gained critical importance in last few years & hence every responsible country, organization & individual is / are making an endeavor to reduce the negative repercussions of activities caused … Continue reading The Environment Friendly Search !!!

Begin your journey with “Untraveled Routes”

'Because all journeys have secret destinations of which traveler is unaware'- Buber Journeys are meant to stay with you forever; to inspire, to discover, to enlighten and set free; they make memories and give you moments to relish for life. Travel is not limited to the places you visit but the experiences you create, lives … Continue reading Begin your journey with “Untraveled Routes”