Roghi, a beautiful village near Kalpa

Wonders on the the Trans Himalayan voyage through Shimla – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley It's not the destination but the journey what makes life so interesting. A road trip to Spiti Valley is sort of like that only. The travel treasures that you get to witness to reach Spiti valley are fascinating. And one such … Continue reading Roghi, a beautiful village near Kalpa

Feeling ‘Dense’ in Rajasthan, India

The weekly photo challenge theme this week - 'Dense' is quite interesting. There could be so many interpretations and perspectives that can define 'Dense' from a photographer's lens. I decided to focus on elements that elucidate a particular region, hence sharing beautiful pictures from one of the favorite destinations - 'Rajasthan, India'. This is a … Continue reading Feeling ‘Dense’ in Rajasthan, India