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The Desert Safari and Gala Dinner amidst the Great Indian Desert



Miles & miles of incessant desert, golden hills, charming folk culture and herds of Camels everywhere, these peculiar elements set apart Jaisalmer. Visiting Jaisalmer was always a fascination and part of our really long list!!!………..


Coming back to Life

Monochrome - UR1


Life in black and white !!




An epic road trip to Spiti Valley, the Land of Lamas in India



What a road trip!! This post received over 500 views in a day, a memoir of our journey with 11 month old little love to the cold desert valley in India.





A rendezvous with History and the Hills at McLeodganj, India



A date with Tibetan refugee history in India. The place known to be the residence of HH Dalai Lama and thousands of his followers

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