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What doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER!!!

I have been down and away for far too long, to be precise, over a year. My blog deserves this post and this post is dedicated to the most unpredictable year I had.

“Life is unpredictable!” Yes, we all know that, but I never resonated with this quote until the biggest shock of my Life swept me away in February 2019.

Let me take you back to November 2018, I was so regular for my run that I surprised myself on several occasions. I got hooked on to running as it just liberated me and made me feel much more confident and positive about Life. And yes, helped me to keep away from depression (induced by unexplained weight gain post partum).

I couldn’t believe I could run 10K straight, provided I never was the athlete type. On an average I was able to do 10K+ and maintained a good pace. This was the time I thought I’m ready for my first Marathon. However, destiny had something else in store for me.

On 20th November 2018, I rolled over my ankle while warm up, there was no pain but yes some popping sound. I ignored it. I was back to my routine on the very next day; I ran, ran and ran for three days. On the evening of third day, my left ankle was swollen beyond recognition. Just when I thought my ‘Life’ was getting back on track, I was pulled out of my dream world. For the first few days I assumed it was just another sprain. So I rested, put a bandage and did countless ice-pack sessions. But things did not get better.

I had the first doubt that this is not just any ankle sprain because in last three years I survived lot of injuries and most of them healed in ten, at most 15 days.

To make things more complicated, my younger brother’s wedding was approaching, just a month away. It was planned for January 2019. Now, I knew that if I began treatment, rehabilitation and recovery is going to take lot of time and I might not be able to participate in my only brother’s wedding. With the upcoming wedding of my younger brother, I just couldn’t fathom how I could begin the treatment and this probably was my first mistake. I attended all the events just as normal. I was beyond happy for my brother, he got hitched to his childhood sweetheart
(Literally! They have been together since IX standard).

I did not want everybody’s attention on my injured ankle rather than the wedding. And In India, weddings are a big deal (Haldi, Mehendi, Engagement, Wedding, Post Wedding rituals…). Since, my brother’s soul mate is a Malayam Brahmin, there were two weddings planned, one as per South Indian rituals and other as per North Indian customs. All the events were amazing and filled with moments to be cherished forever.

Now, I decided to participate in the wedding wholeheartedly and go to the doctor first thing when I’m back in Delhi. I ignored the constant pain and swelling for over two months.

As soon as I was back in February 2019, I went to the specialist, he was shocked that how I managed to even walk, and according to him my ankle was broken. At this point, my mind was telling my heart – ‘See, I told you there’s something gravely wrong!’

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The Camels of Thar, Rajasthan

Miles and miles of incessant desert, a land of shifting sand dunes and infinite stories! That’s Thar – The Great Indian Desert.

The Thar Desert is a large arid region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent that covers an area of 200,000 kms. The world’s 18th largest desert forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan.  About 85% of the Thar Desert is in India, and the remaining 15% is in Pakistan. Most of the desert is covered by huge shifting sand dunes that receive sediments from the alluvial plains and the coast.

Thar 3

That’s a Camel cart, Camels are the most used form of transport in rural areas of Rajasthan

But wait; isn’t it unimaginable to picture large Desert without its Ship i.e. The Mighty Camel. Indeed it is! The Camel is indispensable part of the Desert. Camels are the most important part of fairs and festivals too in Rajasthan.

Thar 6

Camels with their Keepers at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The big snout, dusky eyes and really long legs could be intimidating at first look but don’t make any opinions and judgements so soon, Camels might carry a tough look but they are adorable and very dear, especially to the camel breeders.

Camels are unique mammals, identified with humped back and found in desert areas of Asia and Africa. There are two types of camels – Dromedary, which have one hump, and Bactrian, which have two humps. The humps consist of stored fat, which they can metabolize when food and water is scarce. The one with one hump is quite common here in Thar Desert, India.

The Quintessential Camel Ride

If you have been to Rajasthan (particularly Jaisalmer), I’m sure you have been on the Desert Safari, it’s almost impossible not to try a Camel Ride once in Jaisalmer. It’s the biggest attraction of the Safari and an unforgettable experience. There’s something about the Camel Ride.

Thar 1

Look the Camel is posing and smiling too!! A still from our Desert Safari in Jaisalmer.

  • Firstly the funny feeling when the Camel gets up and sits back again.
  • The situation where Camel doesn’t want to get up at all!
  • The fun when he starts running!
  • The feeling while you keep swinging lightly as the Camel moves giving a tour and taste of the Desert.
  • The peculiar smell that Camel carries, one has to get over it 🙂

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The Betul Beach – Where Sal meets the Sea

Photo Tour of the beguiling Betul Beach

A series of tranquil huts ensconced near River Sal in Salcette, South Goa luxuriant with coconut grove and other fruit trees; that’s Betul village. And just across the river there is the beguiling Betul Beach. The sparkling white sandy beach is charming for more than one reasons – the River Sal meets the Sea here creating a beautiful sight, due to high tides the beach is adorned with beautiful lagoon (which will be visible in pictures) and lastly the view of hills on one side where one shall witness the ships moving towards the harbor and the villagers fishing is a sight to behold.

Betul 9

On the margin of the River, Washing up it’s silver spray;  We will walk and worship ever, All the happy, golden day.

~ Tidings from the poem ‘Beautiful River’ by Robert Lowry

Betul 8Betul 6

Betul 7

The Beach was literally covered with shells of all colors and sizes one can possibly imagine! And it was too much fun to collect these with my two year old baby boy.

Betul 10Betul 5

That’s my little love – Aayansh 🙂 having a great time exploring the beach. Continue reading

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