The road that leads to Spiti Valley (II)

This post is part of the series – The road that leads to Spiti Valley

Earlier I had shared stunning images of the roads via Shimla – Kinnaur (NH-22) leading to Spiti Valley. So the virtual tour continues here Tapri onwards, enjoy the ride 🙂

Tapri onwards.jpg

Tapri to Karcham on the way to Spiti

A little walk.jpg

A little break and a quick walk 🙂

The road

The river keeps following you or you are following the river 🙂

Kalpa onwards

Approaching Kalpa, the place with gorgeous views of Kinner Kailash Range

Shongtong Bridge.jpg

Shongtong Bridge, Rang. We observed the bridges on the way were adorned by several Tibetan Prayer Flags and looked so beautiful decorated with them.

Nako road.jpg

After crossing Nako 🙂

You can observe how the scenic backdrop changes with every picture, particularly Kalpa, Kinnaur and then Nako, about to enter Spiti Valley from Sumdo. These sure will give you a feel of the road and help you plan your trip to Spiti, maybe even tempt you to experience the trill of driving on these roads.

Happy Exploring!!!