Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

Offbeat Treasure near Dalhousie – Dainkund Peak

Dalhousie is admired tiny hamlet sort of hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India. It witnesses pleasant temperature & heavy snowfall during winters, infact it’s also known for sudden changes in the temperature. Dalhousie offers you a different environment to calmly enjoy your vacation, there are some popular locations like Khajjiar and Rang Mahal.

But that’s the norm, if you are looking for something thrilling then ditch the regular spots and pick more unusual ones like Dainkund Peak.

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View from the top@Dainkund Peak. Images copyright Untraveled Routes

Grab your partner & a rustic bike and get ready to experience the thrill of a Road Trip from Dalhousie to Dainkund Peak, followed by a trek to the peak. Actually our trip began right from Mcleodganj :D. Read about exploring Mcleodganj 🙂
Yes, you heard me ‘Road trip’ to Dainkund Peak – This peak is one of the most understated locations but totally worth exploring; the place has a different charm & unusual sightseeing feel to it – gigantic but quiet mountains, everything decorated with ice and natural greenery, soothing breeze and totally unpredictable weather!!!

I can surely throw some light on explaining the whereabouts

The Quirky Road Trip

Road trip - Mcleodganj - Dalhousie

Memorabilia from the Road Trip Mcleodganj – Dalhousie – Dainkund Peak. Bountiful nature, stunning mountains…totally captivating

Well, our road trip began right from Mcloedganj, we started our ~125 Kms of journey to Dalhousie in the morning on Avenger. Guys, this has been one of the most romantic and adventurous bike rides we have had.
It took us close to 5 hours to complete the route as the terrain is certainly not a cakewalk to drive but it’s worth it for the adrenaline rush, infact few patches did not even have cemented road. Seemed like one of the most perilous roads being so narrow with no fences. But still awesome 🙂

The best part of our trip was actually the journey, the beauty that this place boasts of needs to be experienced as closely as possible. Like it’s said “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”  

We stopped at several spots to enjoy the view of Dauladhar Range amidst lush green mountains. Almost all the time I could feel it was traveling with us (just like sometimes you feel the moon is following you). We interacted with the locals, school kids & took some amazing shots but there are few things camera cannot capture!!!

Kids – innocent as they are, were so ready to interact and pose for the Camera, their reaction was priceless

We reached Dalhousie in the evening, enjoyed our stay at the cottage with hot soup & campfire for the night. The temperature in hill stations go haywire unpredictably, nights get terribly cold. Infact, the evening we reached Dalhousie it started pouring (rain & snow mixed!!!). Well, this happens a lot in Dalhousie because it’s located at pretty high altitude (2036m)

Road to DAINKUND Peak

The trek to Dainkund Peak near Dalhousie

The next morning we began our ride to ‘Dainkund Peak’ (altitude of 2,745m). There are no words to define the excitement, the road to the Peak is simply breathtaking as moved ahead we just discovered more beauty & ice. The ice-capped mountains seemed decorated with the dark green trees. The trek towards the peak is totally enjoyable. We went there in first week of April & there was so much of soft and clean ice to play with, practically everywhere. The higher you go, better the view and lots and lots of snow 🙂


That feeling of achieving a milestone of sorts. THRILLING !!!

We went to Khajjiar too after we were done with Dainkund Peak but Khajjiar was a little disappointing; It’s like totally over hyped and exaggerated typical tourist spot with Horses and Bhaiyas following you practically everywhere. I mean you are seeking solace and peace on vacation, certainly you don’t want to struggle to even find a quite place to sit and create those special moments. And the encore the lake stinks !!!! So you can cover the location but it’s not that amazing.

Go to Dainkund Peak & start a little early, no other place can offer you the view of the valley as Dainkund Peak can, enjoy cherishable moments with your loved ones amidst picturesque beauty!!! And it’s heaven for photographers!!! If you have ample time in your hand, you might want to cover Satdhara Falls, it will add another interesting  zing to your vacation.

Happy Exploring 🙂

Tips: 1) It’s critical to have physical as well mental strength to enjoy such journeys. So start working out!!
2) Choose a bike after weighing all the facts like condition (old/new/tyres), distance, comfort ….
3) Carry snacks, juices & loads of food stuff, there are literally no dhabas or eating joints; all you will find is sort of eating joints that too after huge distances.

Trivia: Btw the legend says in old days the witches haunted this peak & it was also fondly known as Witch’s Pond.

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  1. Hello Dere !!!
    I’m so glad that you have covered Dainkund Peak so well, ususally it is left out when things to do in Dalhousie are counted. Hope to see more such locations captured… All the Best 😀


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