Betaab Valley Memories

Agog heart at ‘Betaab Valley’

Betaab Valley, lies few kilometers ahead of Pahalgam in Srinagar. The bike ride to Betaab Valley was part of our 5 days trip to Srinagar. The flawless green mountains, pristine Lidder river, archaic houses and rustic villages made such a impression on our hearts!!

I have shared details of Betaab Valley earlier too, this post is dedicated to fond memories of this fascinating and picturesque valley.



We began our bike ride from Srinagar in the morning, the roads were still quite and clouds serene. There was some checking at few points, the army is stationed at almost every place in Srinagar but they don’t trouble tourists. The road is breathtaking as the Srinagar is located in the valley, fortunately there’s straight road & hence it saves time 🙂 Lidder river keeps moving along as if it’s leading the way, we crossed many hamlets on route & stopped at few points to interact with the locals & have the legendary ‘Kahwa’.

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We discovered lot of beautiful gardens and interesting points, took beautiful shots, rested a bit & kept on moving. We touched Pahalgam in about 2.5 hours (~96 kms from Srinagar) kept moving & found some solace at Betaab Valley.

The valley is so engaging that one could spend whole day here looking at myriad things happening around and basking in the nature.


Happy Exploring with Untraveled Routes ♥♥

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40 thoughts on “Betaab Valley Memories

  1. Beautiful pictures !
    What a lovely place

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  2. The first time I read of Shrinigar was in the auto-biograph of Rumer Godden. I was smitten. I am 10000 times smitten now. Thank you for this beauteous post 🙏🏼

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  3. Beautiful

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  4. beauty!
    Great post!👏👏And awesome pics as always!!!😇😇👍👍

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  5., what wonderful and beautiful pics. Have been longing to go to Srinagar..On my wish list. Looks so inviting 👌

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  6. photographs, these photos should leave an impression on anyone’s heart. Thanks for sharing .

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  7. pic goes on becoming much more mesmerizing
    In the mind –
    “What a beautiful butterfly and clear water. Skillful photography”
    “Beautiful scenery short and lot of Greenery.”
    “Handsome husband”
    “All pics look like painting”
    “Made for each other pair”
    Some people project happiness out into the world, you are doing one such job.

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    • You made my day😊😊😊such wonderful compliments and positive feedback infuses a different energy 🤘🤘every word written by you here is delightful 😇 I am glad we spread smile and joy via our stories and pictures.

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  8. Thank you Deepika 💚💚 it’s an amazing place, I hope you do get to visit someday.


  9. have been to Srinagar thrice as a kid in my summer vacations, since my dad was stationed there and it indeed is a beautiful place charu though it doesn’t feel like we are India.

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  10. write-up and the photos, brings back the memories of “Bethab” my teenager days! Glad that you guys had a opportunity!! Place looks amazing and I can recall many scenes attached to those pictures.. Please add a google location at the end of your such blogs so that we can quickly save them to our google maps!

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  11. Eccentric Muse a lovely place!

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  12. can almost feel the whiff of crisp mountain air in the pics. 🙂

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  13. beautiful location. Lovely pics.

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  14. . Thank you ☺️☺️ yeah it’s indeed Heaven


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