The ‘Sakya Tangyud Monastery’ at Kaza

Kaza / Kaze is the largest township of Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Kaza is the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti Valley, making it an important administrative and commercial center.In fact, Kaza was the only place in whole of Spiti Valley which had the hustle bustle of a town unlike Tabo, Dhankar or Komic and felt totally different from other places in the region. Kaza has strategic importance attached to it, primarily because of location. In you are entering Spiti via Rohtang Pass, Kaza is the first town of Spiti you will witness. There are myriad stay options at Kaza to suit one’s pockets. Mostly the travelers, prefer staying at Kaza and exploring the area around on a day tour. There is not much to see as such but the place has it’s own charm and known for the Tangyud Monastery.

The Colorful Monastery at Kaza!!



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18 thoughts on “The ‘Sakya Tangyud Monastery’ at Kaza

    • True that Osyth! One thing about the Monasteries in this region is that they are so very colorful and intricately designed, though the old Monasteries used to be simple one colored. Like in Tabo we saw, the old Monastery that has stood the test of time was mud color; the new Monastery is almost ready and it’s incredibly colorful and beautiful.

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      • How interesting. I suppose it is a matter of what was available and what is available now. But the delight is the spirit behind the design and building. The thoughtfulness and mindfulness. 🙏🏼

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    • Thank you Alok 🙂 Actually, Kaza is the only place in Spiti which seemed crowded being the administrative center and all. The place is really beautiful but in comparison to other villages in Spiti, just a tad lower. However, though Kaza is a busy town, we couldn’t find a working ATM, this is a grave problem when one travels to Spiti Valley. We had to do a online transfer to pay to our hotel guy 🙂

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