Treasures on the Trail

Have you ever felt overjoyed with how flurry of colors greet you? Do you feel immense peace just by the look of flowers? Well, then we definitely are kindred spirits!!!

As a personal choice (and even as a family), hiking and being outdoors is something that is as appealing as it can get. Recently, a planned trail walk led me to unexpected surprises. The trail had flowers peeking out of every corner and they looked marvellous. A visual treat I must say, though Daisies and Dahlias are my favourites, I almost love all colors and shapes and aromas emanating from these beauties.

Often, I find myself in an engaging conversation with my inner self while in the woods, this time it revolved around questioning my fleeting existence as a human on Earth and if given an option which flower would I choose to be? To be or not to be? A life in a day of a pretty flower could be exhausting and challenging too. Whilst I spent hours just wandering and clicking some worthy shots, I left longing for more. I probably would love to go every week and make it more like a ritual. In the meantime, I feel happy to be able to share a few clicks to liven up your day…..

Look at these Lavender beauties
There were so many different colored Pansy flowers but I focused on this one 🙂
Aren’t these just adorable ? The white patch on every petal is like exquisite detail.
Just look at those crafted petals, I’m in awe!!!

I hope you encounter beautiful nature friends this weekend 🙂

Keep exploring.

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