Give your child the gift of ‘Travel’

It may positively impact brain development!!

Who doesn’t like vacations? We all do!! But how many times we put it off because of other priorities? How many times the ‘quality time’ is substituted by the coolest toy available in the market?

Well, you might want to rethink your family vacations after considering Dr.Jaak Panksepp’s findings.

Go for a Road Trip!!

What is the best way of learning in life? Experience, right? Then why should we deny our kids to have that.  I was intrigued by this research and found it interesting to share.

When you travel with your family or in simpler terms go on a Family Vacation, the time spent together is invaluable to kids as it lays down the base for positive affective memory process.


Us, right in front of entrance of Tabo village in Spiti Valley. This is a capture shared from our 11 days long road trip from New Delhi to Spiti Valley and back, Aayansh was just about 11 months old at that time.

As a matter of fact, in most regions of the brain, no new neurons are formed after birth. Instead, brain development consists of an ongoing process of wiring and re-wiring the connections among neurons. New synapses between cells are constantly being formed, broken or pruned away. In early childhood the brain is genetically programmed to produce more synapses. For instance, a child’s brain (from 0 to 3 years of age)—produces 700 new neural connections every second

According to the Panksepp’s research, the PLAY system and the SEEKING system are areas of the brain that are exercised best when kids are exposed to new surroundings. Kids, have strong urges for physical play (running, chasing, pouncing and wrestling); these aggressive assertive actions rarely get triggered when kids are at home or left alone with their toys.

The SEEKING system fills the mind with interest and motivates organisms to effortlessly search for the things they need, crave, and desire. In humans, this system generates and sustains curiosity from the mundane to our highest intellectual pursuits. When kids are often taken to new places it creates awareness, self-stimulation and urge to explore.

Just imagine when you take your baby to the park or outdoors on a regular basis, how happy he/she is. The chirping sounds, resembling laughter, social play and interaction promotes the epigenetic construction of higher social brain functions, including empathy.

These systems remain inactive / underutilized at home.



Aayansh’s first beach vacation at the Akshi Beach near Alibag, Mumbai

We already have a fair idea about how spending time together positively impacts the brain development of a kid (every parent’s gut feel), the ability to understand language, solve problems, and get along with other people is greatly influenced by the experiences garnered as an infant and young child. It’s just that we have a lot of science to support that conviction too. The formative years are really important. The long-term positive effects of adult-child interaction are manifold. Engage with your kid and empower him to reach infinite potential.

Happy Tripping!!!



36 thoughts on “Give your child the gift of ‘Travel’

  1. Thanks for your hearty appreciation of my posts and commenting. Yes, I agree travelling with family is a great thing really. But my experience of travel during early childhood was not very pleasant because of the peculiar circumstances my family was in at that time. That’s why the very word travel sets me tumbling, rolling, and churning mentally and my first answer to the question if I would go away from Delhi for a holiday is always a no.

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    • Hi Jasbir, thank you for taking out time to read our write-ups. Well, Life has it’s ups and downs, can understand how bad experience ruins the memory and expectation forever. We have had our share of learnings for instance once we were stranded for over 24 hours - …..Hope you so start traveling again. 🙂

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  2. We also did the same, when my kid was 13 month old. But what I did, I used to take her on short tours first so that she gets comfortable for the big trip, this happened for the full 6 months.

    Than we went for 21 days road trip, covering 7550+ km.

    It was amazing experience I would say!

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    • Wow! That is amazing🤘🤘we also did day tours with Aayansh before taking the big leap and going for 11 days road trip. 7550± in 21 days!! 🙆🙆 what all did you cover? It’s incredible, you have made a new fan today 😇


      • I reside in Saudi Arabia, So except of 3 cities, we try to cover almost all of the KSA major destinations and what it has to offer.

        Since that trip, we are routinely make long tours.

        We recently made another 5k tour. The last leg of it was from Bahrain to Jeddah. We left at 7am and arrive at our home at around 9pm with one hour stay. And all single driving by me.

        So we enjoy our road trips a lot.

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      • It’s a big compliment and a huge inspiration for me. We just take it normally.

        My next goal is to do the same in Europe. But need proper planning for it. Although it will be much more fun for sure.


  3. Nothing can be more experiencing then travelling….It is very positive and happy experience for children as it fills them with a lot of excitement…They also get more close to family while spending such happy moments of life

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