Roghi, a beautiful village near Kalpa

Wonders on the the Trans Himalayan voyage through Shimla – Kinnaur – Spiti Valley

It’s not the destination but the journey what makes life so interesting. A road trip to Spiti Valley is sort of like that only. The travel treasures that you get to witness to reach Spiti valley are fascinating. And one such place that we instantly fell in love with was ‘Kalpa’.

Kalpa, is an alluring village of Kinnaur. Situated at an altitude of 2758m, Kalpa offers unbelievable views of the majestic Kinner Kailash range. The sunrise and sunset are mind blowing here. When the clouds play hide and seek with the mountains during the day, it’s a sight to watch!!!


A captivating capture of Kinner Kailash Range during Sunrise at Kalpa, Kinnaur.

Reaching Kalpa was the most difficult part of our journey due to bad road conditions. We were enjoying the monster faces and scenic beauty until the bad patches began disturbing us. Once we crossed Sungra the patches transformed into a fully fledged pebbly road. It was a stretch of good 40 kms starting from Wangtu and continuing till Karcham. Once you reach Karcham, the roads are divided into two – the one going straight leads to Rekong Peo and the other one to Sangla. We purposely took the one going to Kalpa.

Flags at Kalpa.jpg

A view of Kinner Kailash range adorned by Tibetan Flags

Get a little more cozy at Roghi

Situated  just 3 kms away from Kalpa, is this beautiful scenic village called Roghi. You would love to explore the treacherous road, the famous suicide point and serene views.

Roghi Village

Suicide Point

You don’t want to fall from here!! Suicide Point at Roghi Village

Happy Exploring!! with Untraveled Routes

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32 thoughts on “Roghi, a beautiful village near Kalpa

  1. Beautiful photos, dear friend 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and have a happy Easter

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  2. Way too awesome👍

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  3. What a wonderous place! So beautiful.

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  4. Breathtaking photos from the roof of the world. And you’ve actually been there! Wow!

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  5. Fantastic mountain scenes near the village of Roghi! But I would stay away from the suicide view suffering from severe acrophobia

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    • Thank you Peter💛💛💛it’s really a beautiful place. The suicide point is kinda intimidating, even I couldn’t get really close, it was scary to even look down. 🙁🙁

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  6. Pretty!

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  7. Beautiful scenes

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  8. What a gorgeous blog. I look forward to ‘traveling’ with you, or at least learning a lot about places I may never get to. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for finding me at Roughwighting!


  9. Wonderful pics… and great writing too….thank you!

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  10. I’m jealous! Enjoy your travels and blogging, and thank you for the follow!

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    • ☺️☺️ Thank you… I hope you too get to travel soon. You know we did this trip with our 11 months old baby boy, it was so challenging but totally worth it.


      • Excellent! Next week I’ll be going on a short trip to a part of Oregon, US that I have never seen – ghost towns, fossils, tranches, and not much else. Maybe not the most exotic place but still it will be good.

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      • Have a hell of a trip!! Look forward to reading your travel story and relishing photographs 🤘🤘🤘


  11. Amazing pics. Loved the post.

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  12. Beautiful pictures . Lovely description .😊

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  13. Breath taking cliff

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  14. great photos!

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  15. Alessandro Tinchini

    What a great landscape! Is it a long time you are travelling?

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  16. It is soo nice…beautiful view… ..
    Photos are so awesome that they won my heart..

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  17. is one of my favourite posts and I nominate you for “Real Neat Blog” .Wish to see your reply.Refer to my latest post to know more.

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