RenukaJi, Nahan – The Blessed Waters and Heavenly Charm

Tickling the Travel bug with the Renuka Lake – the largest natural lake in Himachal!!

Renuka Lake finds its prime place in the quaint hamlet of ‘Renukaji’. Renuka is located just 40kms away from Nahan in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. Renuka is also a natural wetland with freshwater springs, fed by a small stream flowing from the lower Himalayan out to the Giri river. The lake is home to at least 443 species of fauna including like Puntius, Labeo, Rasboro, Channa.

The place is revered for a number of reasons and cuts for the awesome weekend getaway from Delhi perfectly. New Delhi to Renukaji is a distance of ~300 kms and takes around 7 hours by road.

Renuka Lake, the largest natural lake measuring a little over 3 kms is so scenic and picturesque that it seems perfect to find solace and tranquility.


The place is luxuriant with greens and it is treat for eyes. The continuous chirping of birds and light natural music of water makes it really interesting!!

Lake 1

Renuka Lake during the day 🙂 It looks so serene!


Yes, boating is available and costs only Rs.250 for 30 – 40 minutes. I’m going to do a elaborate post on Things to do at Renukaji, so stay tuned 🙂

The History

It is believed that Renukaji is the birthplace of ‘Lord Parshuram’, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Parshuram was born to Maharishi Jamdagni and his wife Renukaji. Their prayers were answered by Lord Shiva and they both were rewarded for devoted meditation. The legend has it that Maharishi Jamdagni received a divine cow ‘Kamdhenu’ from Gods and was repeatedly attacked by Shastrabahu, to capture the cow, when he failed he killed Maharishi Jamdagni. Following the event, RenukaJi (Jamdagni’s wife) jumped in the Ram Sarovar and took Jal Samadhi, since then, the Lake is popularly known as RenukaJi Lake. The locals believe that the lake (and region around) is blessed by Renukaji and her spirit. The place is highly revered by the devotees.

Lake 4

It is also believed that on the occasion of Devprabodhini Ekadashi every year, Renukaji and her son Lord Parshuram meet. The day is celebrated with much fanfare.

The Stay

There is only ‘ONE’ accommodation available at the Renukaji – The Renuka. The hotel is owned and managed by Himachal Tourism (HPDTC). It is preferable to book the rooms online. The property is well managed, the rooms are decent and option of choosing amongst different rooms is also there. There is a in-house restaurant too over looking the Lake. The basic room costs around Rs.1500 + Taxes. The suites are available for Rs. 2700.

Stay 1

Stay 2

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36 thoughts on “RenukaJi, Nahan – The Blessed Waters and Heavenly Charm

  1. The lake depicts a picture of tranquility! Beautiful ☺️

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  2. idyllic …. What God would not bless such a place?

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  3. beauty, clean and calm waters, so peaceful 💛

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  4. What a beautiful lake and setting. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. place … wonderful photos… 😍

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  6. Beautiful photographs thank you for sharing.

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  7., a glimpse into the entrance of another world, accessible only on a sea of tranquility


  8. Wonderful photostory! 👍🏻💕

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  9. Beautiful and serene!

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  10. Beautiful photos.

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  11. a greenery place! Is it touristy tho? 😀

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  12. wow, what a beautiful place!

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  13. Kshipra

    Thanks for sharing information. Beautiful place. I’ll plan my next trip for this location.


  14. What a serene and beautiful spot, so peaceful and I can feel the positive energy there. Thank you for sharing. What part of India is this little nest of happiness?

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    • Thank you Cornelia 🌸🌸for such encouraging feedback on the post☺️☺️. This beautiful place is located in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is a gem for explorer!! Have you been to India? If you so visit, drop a message would love to take you on a tour✌️✌️

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  15. Very beautiful ! Thank you Charu for sharing about this lake and location.

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