Of Windows and Travel!

This week’s WPC theme is – Windows!!

I have been reminiscing about this for a long time and was about to do a post. So, I’m glad that it is the theme for the week 🙂 where I can share my pictures reflecting the world through windows, the world that keeps changing. The only constant in these pictures is the ‘Window’ 🙂

The first picture here was shot in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The beautiful city is a visual treat with it’s shimmering lakes against the backdrop of Aravali Hills, formidable palaces showcasing heritage and enticing structures with distinctive artwork. I believe my regular readers would also remember a post I recently did on the city.


The Pink Evening at Sangla!

The second one captures the essence of ‘Sangla’, a quaint town located in Kinnaur in Himachal region of India. The sky that evening turned pink and looked beyond beautiful. This shot captures the calm mountains overlooking apple orchards.

Glimpse of Sangla

We covered ‘Sangla’ on our 11 days road trip to Spiti Valley, Read – An epic road trip to Spiti Valley , the Land of Lamas in India’

Feel the Royalty at Jaisalmer!

View from Window

This is a capture of the ‘Jaisalmer Fort’ from a restaurant’s dining area. We stayed here for two days and I would recommend to definitely cover Jaisalmer if you’re are exploring Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer is popularly known as the The Golden City, situated amidst Thar Desert, close to Pakistan border; over powered by the Jaisalmer Fort (Sonar Quila) the city with glorious past offers an action packed experience to travelers. Not just the architecture, the whole city oozes different feel tiny gallis (narrow lanes), all the houses constructed from golden bricks, puppet shows and people singing folk songs at all the unexpected locations, its awesome !!!

The Morning at Dal Lake!

Dal Lake - View from the Window.jpg

Dal Lake is fondly known as Srinagar’s jewel. Dal Lake is the second largest lake in the state; it is a major tourist attraction as well as source for commercial activities such as fishing and water plant harvesting.

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir has always sustained the limelight mostly for infamous reasons. Srinagar, truly is paradise and treat for your soul. You can actually plan long vacation to Srinagar and surrounding areas.

For more pictures of Dal Lake read – Hues of Dal Lake

Windows – What do you see through yours?

‘I see beautiful surroundings, that create magic

lit up my eyes

and make me smile!!

Happy Exploring!!

58 thoughts on “Of Windows and Travel!

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      • Hi guys! Can I jump in on the topic of books based on Kashmir, too? I’m reading Shalimar the Clown, partly based in Kashmir, and it has taken me on a moving journey through the misfortune of the state and its people. It’s quite moving. Have any of you read it?

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      • Oh ya!! One of my favorite discussions. I haven’t had an opportunity to read a book on Kashmir but I have lot of friends from the place who shared such horrific stories and incidents with me. I didn’t want to believe but sadly all were true. It’s unfortunate in the game of power and politics innocent lives suffer.


      • Yeah I know. And this book just gives a perspective of how the locals suffered, irrespective of religion, everybody was left broken in the wake of how politics played out. It’s just brutal.

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  3. Absolutely love your photos. Especially the third and fourth ones. So evocative. We have just returned from India, our third trip. Each time we discover a little more, another area, each so different and distinctive. You might enjoy reading our latest post on Assam on our blog. Have you been there? You make me want to run back and discover Jaisalmer! Although it is pretty nice to be back in Sri Lanka, our current home. Have you been to visit here?


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